Swedish Prime Minister criticized for employing illegal immigrant in her home

The police arrived at the prime minister’s house Magdalena Andersson after the burglar alarm was accidentally activated on the property in Nacka, near Stockholm in Sweden.

Upon arrival, the police discovered that one of the two workers had been issued a deportation order.

Ms Andersson, who has been in office since November, said she had terminated all contracts with the cleaning company.

“Even those of us who want to do the right thing can get into trouble with dubious operators,” he told the Expressen newspaper on Saturday.

He added that the head of the cleaning company assured him that all his employees were working legally.

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has come under fire after the arrest of an illegal worker at her home.

The house in Nacka is the home of the Andersson family, but she had previously moved into the prime minister’s official residence in Stockholm.

The cleaner, who is believed to be a woman of Nicaragua in her 20s, she has been handed over to the Swedish migration agency.

The incident occurred on December 21, but was only reported in the Swedish media on Saturday.

Magdalena Andersson, who is the leader of the Social Democratic Party and Sweden’s first female prime minister, has made crackdown on the illegal economy a focus of her leadership.

In his inaugural address last year, he called on people to take personal responsibility for fighting organized crime, calling it an embarrassingly well-integrated part of the economy.

She told the Expressen newspaper that this incident highlights a problem that she has long pointed to and that more must be done to combat fraud.

Opposition politicians have also questioned Ms Andersson’s security arrangements, suggesting that there should be more control over who has access to the prime minister’s home.

Swedish opposition recalls case in United Kingdom

The leader of the parliamentary group of the opposition Moderate Party in Sweden, Tobias Billstrom, pointed in Twitter what in United Kingdom, the Minister of Immigration, Mark Harper, she had to resign in 2014 after it was discovered that she had hired a cleaner who had no right to work.

However, it is unclear whether the cleaner was actually present at the prime minister’s home when police arrived.

The owner of the cleaning company told Swedish public broadcaster SVT that the woman had not been assigned the task of cleaning the house and was actually in a car outside.

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