Swiss and French tourists expelled from Machu Picchu for getting naked on the ancient premises

Tourists Gilles Metroz and Lucas Yves Marc Deveque face expulsion and legal proceedings after posing and capturing explicit photos at the iconic Peruvian site.

Two European tourists were expelled from the archaeological site of Machu Picchu after one was posing naked, and the other was photographing it on Thursday. Both tourists, one French and one Swiss, were taken into police custody, according to Peru’s National Police (PNP).

“The wonder of the world is respected! A foreign subject who stripped naked to then take pictures in the archaeological remains of Machu Picchu in Cuzco was intervened by Police Tourism personnel,” the PNP announced on its Twitter account.

The police detailed that it was a Swiss citizen, 26 years old, who “would be immersed in the alleged commission of the crime against freedom-infringement of public decency-exhibitions and obscene publications.”

Maritza Rosa Candia, director of Culture of Cuzco, later explained on a local radio station that vigilantes of the most important tourist spot in the country realized that there was a naked tourist near the known as the House of the Guardian, in the upper part of the Inca citadel.

“Today, there were two tourists of foreign nationality who were without clothes, and that is not allowed in the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu,” said the director.

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“In the visitor’s regulations, it is obviously forbidden this type of activity. Our staff immediately notified the police that they should get dressed and leave the sanctuary,” said Candia.

He added that in the presence of the police officers, the photographs taken by the visitors were removed. Then they were taken to the police station to continue the proceedings since they were denounced for acts against modesty and good manners.

Gilles Metroz, 26 years old and Swiss passport, was the one who posed without clothes, and the Frenchman Lucas Yves Marc Deveque, 23, took the photographs.

Candia also called on visitors to comply with the provisions of the visitor’s regulations and the recommendations provided by Machu Picchu’s security personnel.