Sylvia Pasquel and Luis Enrique Guzmán would be disputing their mother’s theater

A new scandal has just occurred in the family of Silvia Pinalbecause apparently they are disputing the theater of the matriarch, it is about Sylvia Pasquel 72 years old and Luis Enrique Guzmán, his younger brother, because they both want to be the administrators of the place, because the person in charge is going to leave the position.

According to Alex Kaffie, Ms. Mónica Marban will soon cease to be in charge of the Silvia Pinal theater, which is why Sylvia Pasquel wanted to have that place, but immediately her younger brother also wants to have that position, which could cause a dispute. family.

According to Luis Enrique Guzmán, he does not want Mónica Marban to keep the imposing site, because the lady is not from the family, so he wants it to pass into his hands, but he did not imagine that Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter also wants to enter the administrative world, although neither has said anything.

It should be mentioned that the tension in the Pinal dynasty has been very strong due to several scandals, the most recent was due to the state of health of the Golden Age actress who was hospitalized for Covid-19 problems, but now it’s better.

“Let Pasquel keep it! She will take advantage of it and take care of it, the other trader will sell it immediately”, “The theater should be managed by Sylvia Pasquel, she knows about it and apart from that she is a very good actress. I’m thinking and think about La I will be brief and I have no idea”, “They should be smart, since Silvia has the experience and Enrique the Youth and also… they are family!!”, write the networks.

It should be mentioned that Sylvia Pasquel has just received recognition in Miami at Premios Más, so many wonder if she talked about the problem at that gala, although it is not clear how that place will turn out, Internet users seem to like the actress more. experienced.

It is worth mentioning that Alejandra Guzmán has not gotten into this controversy, because she no longer wants to be in the eye of the hurricane.

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