Sylvia Pasquel breaks the silence about Silvia Pinal’s health. Is she serious?

Today, AmericanPost.News informs the audience that Silvia Pinal was forced to cancel her participation in the play ‘Caperucita Roja, ¡qué onda con tu abuelita!‘ for health issues, which greatly concerned the media, fans, and the general public.

After waiting 90 minutes, the actor and director of the play Carlos Ignacio announced to those present that the veteran actress’s doctor had ordered that she can’t participate because she had suffered a drop in blood pressure and she would be replaced by Norma Lazareno.

Hours later, the play’s producer, Ivan Cochegrus, told the press that the matriarch of the Pinal Dynasty had suffered a urinary infection and hypertension, which puzzled more than one because it was a different diagnosis.

Sylvia Pasquel prioritizes her mother’s health

Sylvia Pasquel was the one who decided that the veteran actress did not appear in the theater.

Faced with this situation, Sylvia Pasquel contacted the press, to assure them that the doctor recommended not to go on stage, stay home to rest, recover, and stabilize. Regarding her health status, she mentioned that she is stable.

“My mother began to feel sick to her stomach and she got sick of her belly, her pressure dropped a little so she had to stabilize it nothing else, that’s why it was decided that she would not do the show. Obviously, my mom’s health comes first,” said the actress, who recently called out Pepillo Origel for speaking ill of this new project.

What is happening with Silvia Pinal?

The play ‘Caperucita Roja, ¡qué onda con tu abuelita!‘ has been heavily criticized on social media.

Let’s remember that Silvia Pinal is in the eye of the hurricane for continuing to work at 90 years of age, which has cost her family harsh criticism. However, more than one netizen has noticed that the veteran actress is no longer in a position to continue working, so they ask her children to let her rest.