Sylvia Pasquel recreates an iconic novel scene 17 years later and becomes “the sensation” in Tik Tok

More and more personalities from the artistic medium decide to venture into Tik Tok, the social network of the moment, this in order to create content and stay current in front of its followers. Such is the case of the actress Sylvia Pasquel, who He recently had a great success in recreating an iconic soap opera scene that caused a furor among Internet users. Which was? Here we tell you.

Silvia Pinal’s daughter stole the glances after bringing to life one of her most beloved characters: Isaura, from the melodrama “Loving you is my sin”. This happened because the audio of a scene starring Pasquel has gained relevance in recent weeks on the platform, a fact that did not go unnoticed by her.

“My savings! My savings! My money! … So much that it cost me to save it! “, is the dialogue that the actress is heard saying in the comic scene.


#missavings #midinero So much that it cost me to save them! 😭💸 After # 17years, here is the return of #isaura 🔥Háganlo #viral! #silviapasquel 💄

♬ not my savings my money – 😈toxi😈

Of course, the recreation of said scene 17 years later did nothing but excite Tik Tok users, who They applauded Sylvia Pasquel for not letting the opportunity pass and staying current in networks through the trend that his character generated.

Currently, the short clip already has more than 350 thousand likes and 8 thousand comments that increase with the passing of the hours: “Good that Pasquel takes advantage”, “How good that I did not miss this jewel”, “I one day after the fortnight”, “This is how Sylvia Pasquel is done, you do know” and “First actress” are some of the responses she got after her performance.

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