T-Rex dinosaur possibly had three different species, according to study

The t rex dinosaur (tyrannosaurus rex meaning “tyrant lizard king”) has been the only species of the genus Tyrannosaurus to be recognized since this animal was first described in 1905. But a new study shows that this species is a larger group of organisms related.

A group of researchers suggested that the most famous apex predator is actually included three species and not the only tyrannosaurus, based on the disparity of femurs and teeth among dozens. of its fossils.

A team of three researchers led by independent paleontologist and paleontologist Gregory Ball said Monday that the differences they detected when examining a thirty of tyrannosaurus fossils justify the identification of two additional species: T. and T. ReginaWhat does it mean “tyrant lizard queen”.

Species Probably Related to Tyrannosaurus Discovered

Apparently, there could be other species of this prehistoric being/Photo: RTVE The T-Rex has been considered the biggest predator/Photo: NatGeo

According to the study: “after more than a century of putting all specimens into a single species without carefully examining the problem, the first and only analysis found that variation in tyrannosaurs exceeded dinosaur standards and was distributed throughout of time in a way that suggested that Darwinian speciation occurred from (one species) in two new species before leading to eventual extinction of the dinosaurs disrupted evolution,” Ball said.

It is believed that the Tyrannosaurus roamed western North America during the Cretaceous period in the twilight of the age of the dinosaurs before an asteroid hit Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs.

Ball and colleagues noted differences in the hardness of the femur or femur (some larger, some lightly built) and differences in the number of small teeth at the tip of the lower jaw between the fossils examined.

“It’s a concern that this is controversial because of the attractive stature of the tyrannosaurus rex, but on the other hand, the study wouldn’t get as much attention otherwise,” said Ball, whose study was published in the journal Evolutionary Biology.

Ball did not rule out that differences between individuals or differences between male and female Tyrannosaurus had a rolebut described this as unlikely.

This was the T-Rex dinosaur

The T-Rex has been considered the biggest predator/Photo: NatGeo

tyrannosaurus had a huge head and a tremendous bite forcewalked on strong legs and he only had two fingers on his weak arms.

Perhaps the largest known dinosaur was a specimen named Sue at Chicago’s Field Museum, which was 40-1/2 feet (12.3 meters) long and had an estimated length of 9 tons. The new study concludes that Sue is not a T-Rex but a T.

The scale of the differences between the three proposed tyrannosaur species, Ball said, is similar to the differences between a lion, whose scientific name is Panthera leo, and a tiger, whose scientific name is Panthera tigris.

Lions and tigers are members of the same genus as Panther, but have enough differences to recognize them as separate species. Nonetheless, paleontologist Thomas Carr of Carthage College in Wisconsin, who was awarded a 2020 Study Difference in T-Rex, found no evidence of multiple species and also disagreed with the new study.

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