Tábata Jalil falls in love by posing in a coquettish croptop blouse and miniskirt

Tabata Khalil began on Thursday, August 11 stealing thousands of sighs among the gentlemen and all thanks to a new series of photographs that you shared on your account Instagramin which shows off the spectacular body that she possesses at 43 years of age through a fitted crop top blouse and a flirtatious miniskirt.

From the corridors of TV Azteca, the television presenter fell in love with more than one when modeling a white crop top blousewhich she combined with a flirtatious animal print skirt, which exposed part of her shapely legs from the camera lens.

The television presenter showed off her figure through a flirty outfit. Today, the presenter enjoys great popularity among the viewing public.

As expected, this sexy post did not go unnoticed by her Instagram followers, who They dedicated hundreds of compliments to it and made it viral on all other social networkswhich helped it to soon position itself among the main news of the Mexican show business.

Tábata Jalil says NO to OnlyFans

Although the charismatic member of Venga La Alegría is known for sharing sensual photos on Instagram, you should know that she has made it clear that would not join OnlyFansbecause it considers that this platform is very demeaning, vulgar and insecure.

“It is very demeaning. I feel that one can be sensual, it can be beautiful, you don’t have to show your body as God brought you into the world, you can leave a little more to the imagination, you don’t have to be so coarse and vulgar… I feel that an OnlyFans is not for me,” he declared. Tabata Khalil in a recent interview for the program Pinky Promise.

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How tall is Tábata Jalil from Venga la Alegría?

Today, the presenter enjoys great popularity among the viewing public.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which AmericanPost.News brings to you, Tábata Jalil measures 1.55 cm and weighs approximately 50 kilos.. Regarding his measurements, it is known that these are 91-61-91 cm, which she proudly boasts on social networks through tiny and fitted outfits that leave very little to the imagination.

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