Tábata Jalil says no to OnlyFans for this powerful reason

More and more celebrities are encouraged to debut in onlyfans, a VIP platform that has gained great popularity in recent days and that makes great profits for everyone who shares exclusive content on it. Nevertheless, Tabata Khalil has said that won’t go that way and his reasons left more than one with their mouths open.

In a past interview that she offered to the Pinky Promise program, the television presenter considers that OnlyFans is not for herthis because of considers it “degrading and vulgar” to show oneself naked. Also, she assures that she prefers to let the knights let her imagination run wild.

“It is very demeaning. I feel that one can be sensual, it can be beautiful, you don’t have to show your body as God brought you into the world, you can leave a little more to the imagination, you don’t have to be so coarse and vulgar… I feel that an OnlyFans is not for me,” he declared. Tabata Khalil.

Also, she claims that does not join the platform for fear of leaks, as happened with Karely Ruiz and the daring content that she shares with her subscribers. “Whoever wants to see the photos pays, they make a screenshot of the cell phone and pass them to the WhatsApp groups,” concluded the member of Venga La Alegría.

Tábata Jalil challenges Instagram censorship

Through Instagram, Tábata Jalil steals thousands of sighs among the gentlemen. The TV presenter is very loved by the viewing public.

You can not deny that Tábata Jalil enjoys great popularity in the world of social networks and for proof of this we have the fact that his official Instagram profile has already managed to exceed 3.3 million followers.

Through this platform, the star presenter of the TV Azteca chain usually shares sensual photographs of herself wearing tiny and fitted outfits that greatly highlight the impact body that it owns and that leave very little to the imagination of anyone who looks at it.

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How old is Tabata Jalil?

The TV presenter is very loved by the viewing public.

Tabata Khalil was born on June 3, 1979so now you have 43 years old. As AmericanPost.News mentioned before, the television presenter made her debut on TV Azteca as a reporter for the program A Quien Corresponda with Jorge Garralda in 1998, but it was not until 2006 that she rose to fame thanks to the program Venga La Alegría.

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