Taco Bell fans think they’ve discovered a hidden meaning in their iconic sign

A shared Reddit post highlighted that the yellow part of the bell bears a striking resemblance to a cue itself.

Photo: JIM WATSON/Getty Images

Taco Bell has become the latest firm singled out for planting a hidden meaning in its logo..

The fast food chain’s bell is very recognizable and has been used for decades, but the online detectives now claim that not everything is obvious.

A shared Reddit post highlighted that the yellow part of the bell bears a striking resemblance to a cue itself.

“I checked the internet and somehow no one seems to have figured out before yesterday that the Taco Bell logo is actually a taco bell,” it read.

The discovery got users excited as a debate arose over whether the company’s branding was misleading.

“The part being targeted is the clapper of the bell, not the bell itself.

“That would be the clapper taco, not the bell taco. Maybe a taco bell clapper. But never a taco bell,” said one.

Before another: “Oh listen to me, it’s just a bell. If they wanted to add to emphasize the shape of the taco, they could have flipped the bell over and added a bit of lettuce around it.”

Taco Bell has yet to respond to allegations that come after web sleuths suggested Wendy’s intentionally planted the word “mama” in the character’s neck ruffles.

A post on the StockLogos website highlighted the message on the necklace, stating that the company wanted to be associated with “mom’s kitchen.”

However, the fast food chain debunked the claims saying there is no such thing as a subliminal message.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of this and find it interesting that our Wendy cameo appears to have ‘mummy’ on her ruffled collar. We can assure you that it was not intentional.”

It comes after author Eric Schlosser claimed that McDonald’s golden arches supposedly have mischievous meaning behind them.

In the 1960s, when McDonald’s was in the midst of a rebrand, they hired design consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin to help them create a logo.

Schlosser claimed in “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of All-American Food” that Cheskin convinced McDonald’s executives that the golden arches, which were actually breasts, would help boost sales.

He referred to the golden arches as “Mother McDonald’s breasts.”

There is no evidence to support Schlosser’s wild claims.

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