Taiwan denounced overflight of Chinese planes

The Minister of Defense of Taiwan denounced this Thursday, February 24, that new chinese planes they violated its airspace, because according to the Reuters agency, the flights over Taiwan involved eight J-16 fighters and a Y-8 reconnaissance plane; they flew over northeast of the Pratas Islands.

For her part, Tsai Ing-Wen, president of Taiwan, commented that her country must remain vigilant of what may happen between the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, while pointing to China and expressing that any attempt by external forces to provoke a destabilization.

At the end of last January we shared with you in AmericanPost.News that Taiwan deployed its fighter jets in the face of China’s intrusion into its territory, after they detected 39 Chinese fighter jets in the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

Taiwan fears suffering from overflight of Chinese planes

Planes flew over Taiwan’s airspace Chengdu J-20

An official reinforced the president’s theory and commented that China could take advantage of the situation in Russia and Ukraine to start a cognitive war with Taiwan. It is worth mentioning that in early February this year, Putin met with Xi Jinping in Beijing as part of the Winter Games.

At the meeting they rejected the pressure exerted by the United States and its opposition to NATO to expand in Ukraine, Moscow recognizes to China that Taiwan is part of the Asian country, for which China claims Taiwan’s sovereignty for itself.

On the other hand, Taiwan is one of the reasons for the conflict between China and the United States, since the United States is Taiwan’s arms supplier and would be its greatest ally in the event of a conflict with China. On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced that he would impose sanctions on the US for arms supply.

What is the best Chinese fighter plane?

Chengdu J-20

The Chengdu J-20, a single-seat aircraft that became the Chinese Army’s first stealth fighter, made its first flight in 2011, but since entering service in 2017 it has used a provisional Russian AL-31 engine that it replaced with a WS- 10C a Chinese engine also provisional.

But, at the beginning of this 2020, it will use high-performance engines developed in China, so the Chinese aircraft tests, it can operate in extreme environments at high altitude and under very cold temperatures and with high humidity, as indicated by the deputy chief of design. of the J-20.

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