Take precautions: tomorrow they will begin to repair the southern peripheral of Mérida

The Government of the State of Yucatan reported that the rehabilitation works in 10 kilometers more than peripheral from Merida they continue and are added to the repaving works of 13.5 critical kilometers that will be carried out in this important artery.

The state authorities indicated that, starting tomorrow, December 28, work will begin on other sections of the outer body of the southern area of ​​the peripheral, in order to provide a safer and more efficient mobility for Yucatecan families.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Mérida peripheral will begin to be repaired in its southern area. The works will last approximately 15 days, informed the Government of the State of Yucatan.

Faced with this situation, people and motorists from Merida to take precautions against these works that will not cause the closure to circulation and they are expected to finish in a period of 15 days, that is, the jobs would be in the month of January.

Regarding the work to be carried out, the State Government detailed that the repaving of 10 critical kilometers will continue and, on this occasion, the section of the outer body of the peripheral, which is at the height of Mulchechén.

Work in the periphery of Mérida, to improve mobility

The works will last approximately 15 days, informed the Government of the State of Yucatan.

Likewise, the section of the outer body of this artery will be intervened, starting from kilometer 48 + 500, located in front of the PCC Airfoils company, to kilometer 49 + 500, under the Umán underpass.

The work carried out consists of milling, leveling, placing a concrete folder and markings, reported the Government of the State of Yucatan, and are part of the mobility improvement actions promoted by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

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Among the other actions to improve mobility are the bicycle lanes, as well as the infrastructure works carried out to guarantee the safety of pedestrians and users of the Route. peripheral of the transport system “Va y ven”, which was launched days ago.

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