Taliban announce new interim government in Afghanistan

Taliban announce new interim government in Afghanistan

Taliban forces announced Tuesday the formation of a hard-line interim government in Afghanistan, made up mainly of veterans of the militant group and allies of the Haggani Network, which is considered by the US as a terrorist group.

This new core of power was officially announced during a press conference in Kabul by one of the Taliban spokesmen. CNN.

The prime minister of the country will be Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhud, a Taliban member who has led the Shura or Leadership Council of the extremist group. It has enjoyed the respect of the members indispensable for religious reasons.

Mullah Baradar, who commanded the delegation of the Taliban in the peace process in Qatar will serve as Head of the Political Office of the group.

It was announced that in the interim government there will be two members of the Haggani Network, which is also aligned with al Qaeda. Both members are subject to sanctions by the United States and the United Nations.

One of them is Sirajuddin Haggani, leader of the network and was appointed as the Minister of the Interior, who had been one of the commanders of the Taliban since 2016 and for his capture the United States has offered $ 10 million As a reward.

Another that makes up the network is Khalil Haggani, Sirajuddin’s uncle, who was appointed Acting Minister for Refugees. It was also announced that two other members of this network will form part of the interim government.

Acting Defense Minister will be one of the Taliban leaders Mullah Yagoob, son of Mullah Omar, founder of the political-religious movement that now governs the country.

“Our government will not be based on ethnicity. We will not allow these types of policies “said Zabullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban.

They insisted during their speech that they will make women play a prominent role in Afghan society, and they were promised access to education; Nevertheless, no women were named for any position within the government.

During the initial days of the takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban demonstrated an oppressive rule over women, By denying them the freedom to go out on the streets and under the order that they stay at home, they even marginalized their right to work.

This caused women to come out to demonstrate in Kabul and different provinces to demand their rights, which represented a risk to their physical integrity and ended up being dispersed by the Taliban with gunfire.

Regarding the protests, Zabihullah stated that illegal demonstrations are prohibited, so “Shall observe” the guidelines before manifesting.

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