Taliban hold mysterious meeting after assassination of al Qaeda leader

This Wednesday, August 3, the meeting of the top leaders of the Taliban In Afghanistan, in which, they would be planning the response against the United States for the drone attack that caused the death of the leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahiri, in Kabul.

In AmericanPost.News released details of how the missile fired from a drone blew up the terrorist’s hideout while he was on the balcony.

This is the biggest blow by the United States since they managed to kill Osama bin Laden more than a decade ago in an operation staged in Pakistan.

As prevention, the US issued an alert to its citizens for possible attacks in response to the operation that achieved important results for the northern country.

Taliban do not confirm death of al Qaeda leader

The organization has remained silent in the face of the attack The organization has sown fear in Afghanistan

Despite the US confirmation, the Taliban in Afghanistan have not confirmed Zawahiri’s death; Some members of the Islamist group initially indicated that the drone attack did take place but the place was empty.

“There are meetings at a very high level if they should react to the drone attack and, if they said to do so, what is the appropriate way.”

The reaction taken by the Afghans would have important repercussions, as the group will seek international legitimacy and access to billions of dollars that are frozen in funds, after the defeat of the government that was backed by the United States.

“I am waiting for the details and reaction from Kabul.”

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What are the Taliban in Afghanistan?

The organization has sown fear in Afghanistan

The Taliban were born in the early 90’s after the strong internal disputes that arose in Afghanistan and their main objective was to restore Sharia law throughout the country. They cause fear mainly among women, who live repressed and have no rights to anything.

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