Talina Fernández agrees to pose without clothes her 77 years in a photo session with her granddaughter María Levy

Having reached the age of 77 is not an impediment to Talina Fernandez experience new things in his life, and after confessing that he is giving himself a new opportunity in love, he surprises again because agreed to pose nude.

The Mexican driver began her career in the 70s driven by the actor and driver Raúl Astor, causing great fury for her physical beauty, but although she remembers that at that time it was not necessary to show the body because it was only enough to expose her face; she is willing to turn her life around, so He agreed to pose completely naked for the camera of his granddaughter María Levy with whom he maintains an excellent relationship, as reported for the magazine TV and novels.

“She is super creative and I really enjoy talking with her, so much so that even I’m going to do a nude photo shoot, maybe with Eva’s dress“, he explained.

With 7 grandchildren and a career spanning more than 50 years, she absolutely trusts the professionalism of her granddaughter, who promised her that she will take care of every detail so as not to show too much.

We will be very careful not to show the nipples or the cocorocha“, details.

Although she is known as the “Lady of Good Saying”, on this occasion she wants to express herself like never before, because she is aware that “the body of an old woman has many stories to tell, from moles, scars, the watery belly; that is old age with a young soul.”

And she said she was proud of her body, thanks to which she produced children, diseases and even recovered from an operation that she survived, so that wonder is what she wants to capture in every image that her granddaughter obtains, who has caused a furor in social networks for the daring photo sessions she does and in which she also enjoys posing completely natural.

Talina confesses that in her youth she was never offered modeling in this way, because they told her that she was skinny “as a stick, and had no charm.”

As for the new stage of love that she is living with her boyfriend José Manuel Fernández, three years older than her and who is of Spanish origin, she said she is in love with her “little papujo green eyes”, and highlights that she is living an extraordinary love in the having great times.

We eat, we drink coffee… And then the maroma! We don’t have to wait“, he pointed out.

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