Talina Fernandez cause of death

Renowned TV host succumbs to leukemia following an unexpected diagnosis, leaving a legacy of love and 'good word' in Mexican television.

Talina Fernández, one of the most important figures in national television hosting, passed away at 78 after a brief hospital stay. Her son Coco Levy confirmed the news of her death to Gustavo Adolfo Infante on the program De Primera Mano through a text message. But what was the cause of her death?

“La Dama Del Buen Decir” participated in film and television, with programs such as Cuídate de la cámara and films such as Las Gemelas and Muchachita. She began her career as a “visual appeal” in La Cosquilla, a program from 1970. The communicator’s Instagram account wrote: “Thank you for your messages and prayers.”

The host’s son spoke to the press and expressed: “Exactly 15 minutes ago, my mommy just continued her journey. You know that my mom always had a journey of love. She was love. She only thought about the good things about people. And that’s how she left, surrounded by all those who love her. Finally, she had no pain, and she left with a smile and remembered all the people who had given her good things. And that’s how they remember her because she has only given good things”.

The host passed away after being hospitalized due to health complications (Capture: Youtube/MasterChef México).
The host passed away after being hospitalized due to health complications (Capture: Youtube/MasterChef México)

According to Coco Levy, her mother began to have discomfort some time ago; however, it was not until five days ago that “La Dama Del Buen Decir” arrived at the hospital, as she was in severe pain and discomfort. The first diagnosis pointed to a lack of vitamins; she believed she had an infection in her teeth.

Finally, the doctors looked into her blood and detected that she had leukemia.

ANDI said goodbye to the Lady of Good Saying” with a statement that reads: “The National Association of Interpreters (Asociación Nacional de Intérpretes) announces the sad passing of interpreter member Talina Fernández. With an extensive career in television as a presenter. She is known as ‘a lady of the good word’ for her elegant and forceful narration style. We send our deepest condolences to her family and friends on behalf of ANDI’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee”.

Talina Fernández passed away from leukemia 
(Photo: Instagram/@masterchefmx)
Talina Fernández passed away from leukemia (Photo: Instagram/@masterchefmx).

Talina Fernández had already announced health problems

Just a few weeks ago, Talina Fernández met with the media. She came clean and said she was not feeling well and was in delicate health. This led her to visit several doctors.

The doctors were not one hundred percent sure about what Talina had. “I’m with several doctors, and they don’t get it right. I am fragile. I’m like watered down.” Despite this, she looked upbeat and even joked with reporters about her love life. Despite her years, Talina had a boyfriend and was in love.

What is leukemia, the disease that claimed Talina Fernandez’s life?

The term leukemia refers to several types of cancer that occur in the blood and originate in the bone marrow, the organ in charge of producing the main blood cells.

Leukemia is divided into two types: acute and chronic. Myeloid leukemia affects some types of white blood cells and platelets. On the other hand, lymphocytic leukemia affects white blood cells.

Symptoms of leukemia include some infections, high fever, loss of appetite, tiredness, bleeding or abnormal bruising, swollen lymph nodes, heavy night sweats, difficulty breathing, and severe bone and joint pain.

There is more than one treatment to fight leukemia, such as chemotherapies, radiation, and some medications—likewise, bone marrow and stem cell transplants.