Who will inherit Talina Fernandez’s fortune?

Exploring Talina Fernandez's amassed fortune and potential heirs amidst her legacy in Mexico's television industry.

During the afternoon of Wednesday, June 28th, the show business world was in mourning after the death of TV host Talina Fernandez, considered one of the most important figures in our country, was confirmed.

After the unfortunate news, “Coco” Levy, Talina Fernandez’s son, briefly interviewed the media, confirming that the host had been hospitalized for several days after presenting strong problems due to leukemia.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

Talina Fernandez: How much is her inheritance, and who are the heirs?

After the death of Talina Fernández, also known as “La Dama del Buen Decir,” was confirmed, showbiz fans began to wonder how much her fortune amounted to and who could receive all the assets she accumulated during her lifetime.

Throughout her career, Catalina María del Sagrado Corazón Fernández-Veró Vela, the real name of the presenter, collaborated with the most important TV stations in the country in programs such as “Hoy,” “Sale El Sol,” and “MasterChef Celebrity.” She also stood out as a producer, actress, and radio presenter.

This allowed Talina Fernandez to accumulate an important fortune that would now be distributed in her will. According to the entertainment magazine TVyNovelas, the celebrity had several houses in Mexico City, one in Tequesquitengo and another in the port of Acapulco in Guerrero.

Although it is still unknown how her assets will be distributed, different sites specialized in show business claim that the heirs of her fortune will be her two sons, Gerardo Patricio, and Juan Jorge “Coco” Levy Fernández.

Other beneficiaries in his will would be his grandchildren, Mariana, Paula, and José Emilio (children of his deceased daughter Mariana Levy) and the children that Gerardo and “Coco” Levy procreated, and it is believed that both have two children.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

It is worth remembering that in the last few years, Talina Fernández gave a lot to talk about after confirming that she was going through a complicated financial situation that forced her to sell several of her jewels. She argued that television stations were no longer giving her work. However, in 2022 she returned to the small screen as a participant in “MasterChef Celebrity.”