Talina Fernández reappears and worries about her deteriorated appearance

Fans and the general public have been concerned about Talina Fernandezthis after she share a recent photograph which he shared on his official account Instagram in order to promote a new video that he just posted on his YouTube channel.

However, the detail that surprised more than one is that the prominent and respected television presenter wears a weathered lookprobably derived from the concern he feels about the sexual scandal involving his son Coco Levy.

Fans are concerned about the health of “The Lady of Good Saying”. Today, the actress has become an outstanding and respected member of the world of Mexican entertainment.

In the image we see Talina Fernandez pose very smiling from the living room of his house but it cannot be denied that it is quite evident that he has lost some weight. For this reason, his retinue of followers has asked him to do not neglect your health and focus on positive things like his new romance and his participation in MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2.

Talina Fernández, involved in the Coco Levy scandal

It was at the end of last June when Coco Levy was accused of alleged abuse and sexual harassment. To these accusations were added those of other actresses, who assure that the presenter’s son used his power as director of Videocine to obtain sexual favors in exchange for work projects.

This situation led to his dismissal from Videocine and public rejection, but it also affected his mother, who has been characterized as a celebrity who stays away from scandals. Nevertheless, she is having a hard time handling the situationbecause in a recent interview she exploded against the press when questioned on the subject.

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How old is Talina Fernandez?

Today, the actress has become an outstanding and respected member of the world of Mexican entertainment.

Talina Fernandez was born on August 2, 1944so now you have 78 years old. As AmericanPost.News mentioned before, the television presenter began her artistic career in 1979 and today she is one of the most respected celebrities of Mexican entertainment, although she currently has very little presence on the screen. girl.

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