Tania Rincón and her best looks for a jovial mother like her

Tania Rincon 35 years old has it all right now, because she is a modern mother with a great physique, her work on the Hoy program, but she also dresses very cool, because in recent weeks she has been seen with outfits that are too spectacular before the cameras.

If you take a look you can see some of the designs that the television presenter has used, that is why we will tell you more about them, in case you want to put together something like this during these days, because it is not the first time that Tania Rincón has been asked where he gets his stuff.

Last week she wore a brown long-sleeved shirt, in addition to a black skirt flown above the knees with which she makes it clear that her legs are well worked thanks to the gym, in addition to very flirty brown sneakers.

A mint green blouse with shiny black shorts was one of the perfect combinations of the host of the Hoy program, who has won over the public with her talent and charisma in a few months, for which they love her fully.

On another occasion, she wore green flared pants, very much in the style of the nineties, in addition to a royal blue sleeveless blouse making a very striking outfit, in addition to a loose and straight hairstyle as only she has left, because the makes her look much younger according to fans.

A square blue long-sleeved blouse, as well as black leather shorts were part of another of the designs of a young mother, her makeup as always as discreet as possible, a little blush, as well as small shadows to look stunning with the light of the reflectors of the Hoy program, as for his footwear, they were black ankle boots.

“How beautiful you are Tania, may you be well, God bless you, always take good care of yourselves, greetings to all”, “How beautiful you look… I loved your guaraches”, “How nice that they let you wear the beautiful ones”, “Always so pretty and beautiful and that beautiful smile could not be missing,” write the networks.

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