Tania Rincón confesses how Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo actually treat her

Tania Rincon The 35-year-old again gives something to talk about, because on this occasion she was interviewed by Mara Patricia Castañeda, who asked her several things from her departure from TV Azteca to her entry into the Hoy program, where she has been driving for a few months, how was As expected, they asked him how he gets along with his colleagues.

And it is that as many already know for several years they have said about the relationship between veteran drivers such as Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, with the new presenters with whom they do not get along at all, for which he spoke of this rumor.

According to Tania Rincón, the relationship not only with them, but with everyone is very good, because they do not get into problems of any kind, they also make it clear that the controversy, despite the fact that it has always existed, has not happened to her. Similary.

Although some Internet users insist that the former host of Venga la Alegría does not look happy in Hoy, she emphasizes at every moment how happy she looks in the project headed by Andrea Rodríguez, another former member of TV Azteca, who gets along very well with her for a long time.

As if that were not enough, the beautiful woman has been questioned about the way she is dressed at all times, that is, almost always the haters tell her that her wardrobe is like that of a lady, for which criticism has rained down on her, but for a long time For a few weeks he has been more jovial and at the forefront, something that his loyal fans applaud.

“Tania, you are a woman with Ángel, you are also very transparent, I really liked your interview, I hope to see you for a long time on television”, “Tania, you are a great person, intelligent, beautiful and very professional!! I loved your interview!! Follow the successes!”, “Great! Since they announced this interview, I wanted to see it. Finally, Tania, you are an incredible woman,” the networks write when they see the emotional interview of the beautiful host.

It is worth mentioning that the famous is a married woman who loves to share all her moments on social networks.

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