Tania Rincón confesses that it annoys her that they call her a lady: “It conflicts me”

For those who believed that nothing could make Tania Rincondue to his particular smile, well, it is not like that, keep reading and discover what irritates.

Recently the host of the morning revealed that it causes him conflict people call you madamthis because she does not “fall twenty” of her age, pointing out that she feels uncomfortable when they refer to her like that.

It was through an interview with Yordi Rosado for his TV channel YoutubeTania Rincón revealed that when they call her a lady, it is very easy for her to get angry.

“There is one thing that makes me laugh a lot about women: that there is a before and after someone calls them ladies,” he pronounced.

Tania Rincón confesses when they called her “ma’am”

Recalling the time in Colombia someone called her “ma’am”, causing discomfort throughout the flight.

“I remember I was going to Colombia, then on the plane: ‘Hey lady’… he wanted to die, he wanted to give me something,” he recalled.

“Later I understood that in Colombia they all call them ladies, but it does conflict me,” revealed the driver.

Having already told more about her experiences with Yordi, Tania remembered when they also called her “lady” in Mexico. She said it was while she was at the park playing with her children on the playground.

So Yordi replied sarcastically to tell him:

“How strange that they have called you a lady with a son in a park!”, he said, mocking her.

“It’s just that the 20 doesn’t end up falling on you,” replied Tania Rincón indignantly.

“We have an advantage, because working in the media some people know our name. But suddenly ‘Hey, sir’. In fact, I am a gift, of course I am a gentleman, of course I am a gentleman in many things, but it is hard for me to be called a gentleman”, concluded Yordi.

How old is Tania Rincon?

Tania Vanessa Rincón Sánchez better known as Tania Rincón. She is 35 years old, she was born on December 15, 1986.

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