Tania Rincón couldn’t take it anymore and peed in Me Caigo de Risa

Tania Rincon 35 years old, again, launched another very funny controversy in his style, because he went to the program Me Caído de Risa, where, in fact, he did not stop having fun with each of the challenges, but one of them provoked him an accident, since he peed.

There were several challenges that Tania Rincón underwent, by the driver Faisy, but there was one that outright took a trickle of pee out of her as she confessed to the presenter, who, upon learning of her colleague’s natural reaction, did not have it of others more than laughing with her.

And it is that the presenter of Hoy has always been characterized by her spontaneous statements with which she leaves everyone with a square eye, she also made it very clear that she was already tired, with the challenges, because all her energy in each one was over of the challenges.

“I think this is one of the best programs or program set (how to call it), Tania made such a good team and injected her good vibes. Hopefully they continue to invite participants who really contribute like Chuponcito and Tania, and not those who they only make a bundle like Ericka Buenfil among others…”, “I would like her to be part of the dysfunctional Tania family,” write the networks.

For those who do not know Tania Rincón, several doors have been opened for her on Televisa since she entered the morning show Hoy, since she has been seen in other projects and the public has accepted her in the best way, in this case it was a success to see her in Me I fall from laughter.

In addition, they are fascinated by how she injects freshness into the programs as previously mentioned, because she is spontaneous, fun, but above all talented in everything she does, and her dream was always to become a great host.

Tania Rincón is also admired for the time she gives her family despite work, because she knows very well that her family comes first, so there are no oversights of any kind, they are also very popular on the networks.

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