Tania Rincón experienced an embarrassing accident during a live program

The driver Tania Rincon shared that during a live show, he was laughing out loud when he felt the urge to urinate they beat him, and how could he tried to hide the embarrassing accident that it got.

It was during an interview that Rincón told his anecdoteadded that at that moment he felt ashamed and tried not to be discoveredsaid that it was normal that it will happen to him because nothing is the same when you already have two babies.

had this unexpected accident when she was a guest on the program “Me Caigo de Risa” it was until her interview that she talked about this that livedapparently none of the conductors of the program realized at the time.

Why did Tania Rincón decide to talk about this moment in her life?

Why did the driver decide to talk about this moment in her life? The age of Tania Rincon

The host of the Hoy program was invited by the journalist Maria Patricia to an interview, where he talked about the hard moments of his life as well as the anecdotes that make her smile.

After Rincón told that he urinated on the live show, social media users also they were commenting about the situation, which was taken like fun for her and His Followers.

How old is Tania Rincon?

The age of Tania Rincon

The driver Tania Vanessa Rincon Sanchezbetter known as Tania Rinconat the moment he is 35 years oldwas born on December 15, 1986, in La Piedad de Cabadas, Michoacan.

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