Tania Rincón is surprised to reveal a photo of her childhood as a ballet dancer

Mexico.- The Mexican driver Tania Rincon, currently at the helm of the morning show Hoy, surprised his millions of followers on Instagram by revealing a photograph of when I was a little girl practicing classical ballet.

Tania touched everyone by modeling a cute black ballerina outfit and revealed that a few years ago her biggest dream was to become a major classical ballet star, however, this did not happen for reasons still unknown.

But he probably did not fulfill his dream by venturing into the entertainment world, since currently Tania Rincón is one of the spoiled conductors of Mexican television, although now she has just arrived at Hoy, before she was in different projects of TV Azteca.

Tania Rincón is surprised to reveal a photo of her childhood as a ballet dancer

Since her arrival at the morning of Televisa, the competition of her previous television station, the host has received nothing but praise, because her unique charisma and personality have made everyone marvel at her and want to see her in other projects.

However, the public may very much like to see her in a box at Las Estrellas, but it is said that her co-workers not so much and it is that on different occasions it has been speculated that she does not get along with Andrea Escalona, ​​who is also a driver from today.

And this has been evidenced on different occasions in the middle of the live program, since they have starred in all kinds of uncomfortable moments of which much has been said and that is that they have even reached the blows and shoves during the dynamics that are carried out to entertain the fans. viewers.

To this day, none of the drivers involved has spoken out about it, but the public continues to talk about the issue and assures that it is evident that they do not get along at all, going against Escalona, ​​arguing that she is the one who is upset with have Rincón present in the program that his aunt Andrea Rodríguez is currently producing.

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