Tania Rincón “runs” to a member of Pimpinela to let her sing in peace

The musical group Pimpinela appeared on the Hoy program on Tuesday, so the morning was on long tablecloths with these luxury guests, so they did several dynamics with them, in one of them the celebrities participated in Sing the Word, where they had a great time.

But within the game, Tania Rincón came up with the idea of ​​”running” from the stage to Joaquín Galán, since both did a duet with the song Olvidame and Pega la Vuelta, where the Mexican host did a duet with the singer, with whom she did a good job. , despite the fact that music is not his thing, he received the applause of the public.

And it is that many love the seasoning that this beautiful woman who has already earned the affection of the today program with her occurrences, in addition to the talent she has to lead any project, that is why the audience of Hoy already took a liking to her since she joined a few months ago, because as you already know she was in Guerreros where she also did wonderfully.

“I love Tania and papucho de moy, how well she sings, leave it on the program”, “If it weren’t for the beautiful Tania Rincón, this program would be worse than the ones from Multimedios”, “I went to her concert when I was eight years old with my parents and my brother. Beautiful memory, “the networks write when they see the video.

Another of the things for which this beautiful woman is very loved, has been for not getting into trouble, since she does not like to be involved in controversies, that is why her fans adore her and now she gave her a fresh touch to the Hoy program, since many wanted him to be in the project.

It should be mentioned that being a mother is one of the most wonderful things that has happened to the cheerleader, since her family is very loved and popular on social networks, since she herself shares all the adorable moments on her networks, where she leaves in Of course she is a lover of exercise, that is why she looks so beautiful.

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