Tania Rincón announces separation from husband Daniel Pérez after 10 years of marriage

The Televisa morning show host shared with her followers that since January she has been separated from Daniel Perez, father of her two children.

Another surprise announcement of a love breakup caused a stir this Tuesday night, February 28, as Tania Rincón announced that she had separated from her husband, Daniel Pérez, whom she married in 2011. With a message on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, the presenter of Hoy made this known.

“Our networks have always been our ally to tell you news or what happens daily. Today, we want to share that Dani and I decided to separate at the end of January and end our relationship as a couple”.

Tania Rincón

“We made this decision out of our deep love and understanding that we will always have each other. We have and will continue to form a beautiful family. We appreciate the love and support of our family and friends in this time of transition,” reads the unexpected publication.

A new controversy has arisen for one of the hosts of the “Hoy” program after the scandal that broke out over the separation of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín, this time the spotlight is on Tania Rincón after she reported the breakup with a message similar to the one used by her cameraman partner.

What were the reasons for the separation of Tania Rincón and Dani?

Since the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Tania Rincón seemed to have problems in their relationship. But they were only rumors, and no one confirmed that they were in the process of separation.

In addition, it is said that Televisa did not send Tania Rincón to Qatar for her professionalism but sent her to get viewers’ attention since Rincón has almost 4 million followers on Instagram.

Thus, the reason why Tania Rincón and Dani separated is not known, but they immediately ignited social networks by announcing their separation through Facebook and Instagram.

Their love story

As Tania Rincón gained success as host of “Venga la Alegría,” details of her personal life were revealed, including her romantic story with Daniel Pérez, whom she met in 2009. Two years later, in September 2011, they arrived at the altar with a luxurious ceremony in which they were more in love than ever.

During an interview for “Miembros al Aire,” the native of La Piedad, Michoacán, recounted that she met her now ex-husband through mutual friends who introduced them at a nightclub. However, at that time, neither of them felt attraction, and contrary to that, they thought about not seeing each other again.

“The first time we fought, because it was very civilized, I was used to being given very much on my side. He told me: ‘You know what, calm down, if you want I’ll leave and tomorrow we’ll talk because I feel you’re very upset and you think he’s right and I think I’m right, better tomorrow we talk more calmly,’ and I said: ‘That’s how I want to fix everything’. Later I found out that he had arrived late that day because he went to buy my engagement ring,” she explained.