Tania Rincón shows off a new job. Are you leaving Televisa?

After the model and television presenter Tania Rincon confess that dHe decided to give up his exclusive contract with Tv Aztecabecause he didn’t feel comfortable. He arrived to Televisa at the invitation of Magda Rodriguez to be the reality show host Warriors 2020.

Just last October the also model joined the cast of Todayalthough he experienced some controversial situations with his colleagues, who ended up for removing it from the forum.

On that occasion Galilea Montijo Y Raul Araizathey bothered with Tania Rincón for committing some mistakes in the Crashed Eggs game, which caused the driver annoyance.

Is Tania Rincón leaving Televisa?

The driver is in a new work project

How we introduced you to AmericanPost.News, It is not the first time that Tania Rincón exposed her colleagues Paul Stanley and Raúl Araiza to whom called “pigs” due to the heavy jokes that are made between them. Which led both drivers to be criticized in social networks by netizens due to his actions.

After your dismissal from the morning show Hoy, Tania Rincón would be looking for a new project.

In addition, due to its waiver of the exclusivity contract with the aztec tv, the driver would have one less door to knock on.

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The new work of Tania Rincón

Despite this setback for his career the 35-year-old presenter does not get sad, because this Sunday, July 10, he shared a photograph in your new job.

For a few weeks, Tania Rincón has been leading the sports program Sports Republic.

From what was appreciated, the former beauty queen feels comfortable with this, since she is very passionate about the world of sports, as she has already shown during her time with the Fox Sports network, when she worked for the best of Fox Sports.

So through his official Instagram account, Rincón showed his followers a photograph in which he showed off his look from the forum of his new job with the phrase

“Because on Sundays they also work”

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