Tania Rincón shows off beautiful legs in an elegant satin dress

Tania Rincón is one of the drivers who has been considered one of the most beautiful women in the entire show business in Mexico and to prove this point, it is enough to take a look at the last publication she made.

It turns out that the beloved host of “Hoy” on her official Instagram profile where, in addition to splurging beauty, she also gave a new example of her sophisticated sense of fashion, as it turns out that showed off her spectacular silhouette wearing an elegant pink satin dress that made her get dozens of compliments.

It was through her official Instagram profile that the beloved 35-year-old host published the aforementioned photo in question, which was intended to invite her followers to tune in to “República Deportiva,” the TUDN program in which she has been participating since Some weeks ago.

Tania Rincón shows off her beautiful legs.

Tania Rincón shows off her beautiful legs The compliments of Tania Rincón

As if that were not enough to accompany her invitation, the former collaborator of “Venga la Alegría” shared a photograph showing the spectacular outfit she chose for this occasion.

Tania Rincón’s outfit that caused a stir in networks had as its main element a mini dress made of satin fabric in pink and due to the tiny size of said garment, the star of the “Hoy” program was able to show off the shapely legs.

Her beautiful legs are the product of strenuous exercise routines, as she has shown on more than one occasion. It is worth mentioning that the dress also had a very subtle neckline that gave a slight sensuality to the image of the beloved presenter.

To complete her outfit, Tania Rincón used a pair of high-top sneakers, which were made of gray suede, and to finish off, she used a pair of rings that made her look more than distinguished. However, the detail that drove her fans crazy was the beautiful smile she posed, for which he received dozens of compliments.

the endless compliments

The compliments of Tania Rincón

“You are gorgeous,” “You are a woman,” “As beautiful as always,” “All divine,” “A true queen,” and “What a beauty of a woman!” They were some of the compliments that can be read in the comment box of the former host of “Guerreros,” which, until the publication of this article, already accumulated about her first 15 thousand likes.

If we remember, Tania Rincón is 35 years old and going through one of the best moments of her career. She is one of the most beloved and talented hosts of the “Hoy” program, but she also participates in TUDN’s “República Deportiva.” As if that weren’t enough, she also shines on “La Caminera,” the radio program in which she shares credits with Fer Gay and Fran Hevia.

It should be noted that the beautiful Tania Rincón is also going through a great moment on a personal level because, despite her intense workload, she has managed to give her life a good balance to fully enjoy her children, as well as her relationship with her husband. Daniel Pérez, with whom he has been happily married for more than a decade.