Tania Rincón suffered an embarrassing fall in the middle of the Televisa program

Since Tania Rincon joined to “Today” program of Televisa, the audience has enjoyed seeing the host in the morning, but this time she starred in an embarrassing moment on television during an exercise section; the presenter suffered a tremendous fall in the forum.

It all happened when Nano, the coach who was invited to the program to share his exercise routine, was showing some movements, where the driver and Andrea Escalona joined the activity, but Rincón fell backwards and fell to the ground.

Although it would not be the first time that he suffers an embarrassing moment, because we remember that in AmericanPost.News We share the revelations of the famous, because the driver experienced an embarrassing accident in the middle of the live program; that anecdote of hers makes him laugh.

Tania suffered a fall on the Televisa program

Through the YouTube account of “Hoy” they shared what happened, because when Nano told them that they should jump to the yoga mat they were using, Rincón tried to jump the same distance as the coach, but could not get past the mat and he slipped.

After the fall, Nano, Andrea Escalona and Yuliana Peniche helped her up, while the driver was only laughing at what had happened, saying: “You continue as if nothing had happened.”

How old is Tania Rincon?

TV host

The Televisa presenter is 35 years old, but from her youth she began to participate in television, she even worked for more than 8 years on TV Azteca, but in 2019 she announced her departure, for 2020 she was chosen as the host from “Warriors 2020”.

In 2021, he hosted the second season of “Guerreros”, he also announced his arrival at the morning show “Hoy”, so the arrival of the host Tania Rincón to the Televisa project has captivated users, and the good relationship that exists is appreciated with his other program partners.

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