Tania Rincón throws a tantrum on the Hoy program and leaves the forum

The forum of the Hoy program witnessed a new controversy among the presenters, and it is that this time Tania Rincón starred in a situation that angered viewers, because the beautiful driver cheated in a game and was evidenced, which unleashed her fury and ended in a tantrum that made her leave the forum.

Possibly the former member of TV Azteca started the year on the wrong foot, since this situation took place in the first days of 2022 and users of social networks even made this situation viral, making their displeasure notorious.

It was previously said that he mocked VLA, a program to which he belonged for many years, as Tania boasted that Hoy is the most viewed in all of Mexico, which also sparked controversy.

Tania Rincón cheats in a game

The presenter got angry and left the forum She joined the ranks of Televisa after leaving TV Azteca

It was during one of the first broadcasts of 2022 that the presenter participated in a section called ‘Pásale al Pizarrón’, and part of the morning element was divided into two teams, so everything seemed to go smoothly until the former queen of beauty was evidenced cheating and this unleashed her fury.

The viewers did not like this action and neither did she. Everything exploded when the production passed the repetition of the moment and she regretted that in the middle of 2022 “the bad milk continued” and immediately afterwards, she left the program’s forum.

Let’s remember that her debut on the show was complicated, because Tania told how she managed to leave Iceland to reach her first day in the morning and at the time this was applauded, but the fans will not forgive her for the trap.

What is Tania Rincón doing?

He joined the ranks of Televisa after leaving TV Azteca

She is currently working on the Hoy program, and this has been to the liking of the audience, as she is a very beloved host throughout Mexico who has earned recognition for her charisma.

When she appeared slowly on the show, Hoy fans wanted Tania Rincón to be in the morning permanently, and this was fulfilled a few months later.

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