Tania Rincón without any shame admits in Hoy that her feet smell

Tania Rincon 35 years old, she always gives people something to talk about in the entertainment world for various reasons such as her beauty, her driving style, but on that occasion it was when she let Andrea Escalona know a confession about her feet because she said they smelled on her reason why he does not take off his shoes.

If you take a look at one of the videos released on the Hoy program, Tania Rincón was in the morning competition Pásale al Pizarrón, where she faced Andrea Escalona, ​​who took off her shoes to be more skilled in the challenge, so her partner told her she couldn’t do that.

The production at that time, when listening to Tania Rincón about the warning she gave Escalona, ​​told her that she could take off her shoes, so she immediately said no reason that it seemed strange to the other driver who immediately He asked why and then told him that his feet smell, which caused the laughter of his companions.

“I like Tania her charisma and her beauty and refreshment to the program keep it up Tania”, “Tania the best”, “How beautiful you are Tania that you are well greetings to all over there”, “Better a miniskirt or super short dresses that will make you look the body”, the Internet users write to the Mexican host.

Something that has been noticed too much in networks in which at every moment they tell the beautiful woman that her arrival on the Hoy program made her more fresh, because her way of interacting with the cameras, both with her companions, loves the public.

As if that were not enough, she is always very active on social networks, that is, she is always sharing outfits and advertising because it is a very profitable image, she has also never been involved in controversy and that is also very good for her.

It should be mentioned that many would think that it would not be fully in Today, but for months it has been incorporated as one of the headlines where it continues to sweep day by day.

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