Tania Ruiz, Enrique Peña Nieto’s girlfriend, causes controversy for showing her tiny waist: “It’s going to disappear”

Tania ruiz, current sentimental partner of the former President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, returns to give something to talk about on social networks; However, this time it was not because of a public appearance with the politician, but because of expose your slender figure, which sparked strong accusations.

The Mexican model surprised again on Instagram, where last weekend she shared some videos in which she revealed her beauty secret to maintain a heart attack waistband.

In the recording that was published in the stories of the aforementioned social network, the one from San Luis Potosí, Mexico, appeared in front of the mirror without a drop of makeup and using a machine that helps to shape the body in addition to toning the skin, while wearing a set of sportswear that exposed her tiny waist.

The clip of a few seconds was taken up by other profiles such as the Telemundo program, ‘Suelta la Sopa’, where the 34-year-old model once again became the target of strong criticism, because according to users, she looks too thin and Even the comparisons with Angélica Rivera did not wait, because in the comments they also assured that the actress is much more beautiful.

Too skinny as it is not necessary so much it looks like a stick“,”It is one thing to be thin but another to want to disappear“,”At any moment it will disappear“,”Could it be that he has anorexia problems?“,”Mija is hungry by the former president“,”The Seagull is better“,”Angelica Rivera is more beautiful“Read in some messages.

Although this time negative reactions rained down on her, she continually receives messages of congratulations and compliments in her photo gallery, where she has been shown in elegant dresses and seductive swimsuits that make her look flawless.

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