Tania Ruiz shares the outfit she uses to get away from envy and the evil eye

Tanya Ruiz 34-year-old left everyone with a square eye by sharing an outfit that not only looks incredible, but also protects her from bad vibes, in addition to envy, because as you already know since she is the girlfriend of the former president from Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, has received a lot of hate.

“This is one of my favorite designs, as I have always loved eyes. The eyes are used as a talisman of protection. An amulet to protect you from all negative energies and the evil eye. Always the projection of other people it’s in the eyes. Apart from the swimsuit, there is also the pareo and headband. It’s a show how everything looks put on, “writes Tania Ruiz.

The outfit of the Mexican model is a two-piece swimsuit, with shoulders, although it can also be used for an event that may not necessarily be in the pool, in addition, the blonde combined it with a ribbon on her head, in addition to accessories such as bracelets. in his hands which look very good.

In addition, it is not a surprise that Tania Ruiz knows how to model very well, because when she does it, she leaves everyone shocked by the poses she does, in addition to having a divine face, which she uses a lot in her favor even more when she makes up with the shades fashionable, because she is an influencer who loves to be at the forefront.

“Spectacular!! Congratulations. Where can you buy them?”, “Congratulations on your successes, your designs look spectacular”, “@taniaruize where can we buy them… You look beautiful”, “Excellent photo sister! You look gorgeous”, “Here is the most beautiful and beautiful work that God has created on the face of the earth”, they write in the photo of this beautiful woman.

It should be mentioned that the actress Cynthia Klitbo recently ranted against her in an interview where she spoke without mincing words about how the former president’s relationship with her developed, and how her great friend Angélica Rivera was very hurt by what happened.

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