Tattoo artist who erased “Beli” from Christian Nodal’s body reveals that he also worked on another important tattoo

After Christian Nodal reappeared with the modified “Beli” tattoo, speculation about the other designs he had done in honor of his ex-girlfriend has flooded the media; however, it was the tattooist Rafael Valdez who revealed details of the process to which the singer underwent days before officially announcing his sentimental breakup.

The tattoo artist Rafael Valdez was in charge of sharing through his Instagram account a couple of photographs of the process that Christian Nodal went through to remove one of the tattoos he wore in honor of Belinda from his skin.

The man from Guadalajara, who has also expressed his art to celebrities such as Marc Anthony, Kylie Jenner, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Lewis Hamilton, explained to Grupo Reforma that received a direct call from Christian Nodal on February 10, two days before announcing his sentimental breakup, and it was that same day when he arrived at his ranch in Guadalajara, Jalisco, to start working on the tattoo of the symbols of the English deck that he has on the side of his right ear, which it took several hours.

He already had the idea of ​​what he wanted. He is a big fan of tattoos, so I just collaborated with his idea. The truth is that we were all night in that project, chatter was put together, very good vibesvery humble, I liked him very much, I did not know him in person, “he said.

But that’s not all for Rafael Valdez, as he revealed that the word “Beli” is not the only trace of the love of the “Nodeli” that he eliminated on Nodal’s skin, because it also made other modifications to a “very important” tattoo” in which they will continue working, although for the moment he did not want to reveal more details because he considers that Christian Nodal will show it at the time.

After these statements, the 23-year-old interpreter would have revealed the first results of this new design during his presentation at Premios Lo Nuestro on February 24.

But… How was the rapprochement between Christian Nodal and Valdez?

As commented by the tattoo artist, who lived for a while in Los Angeles, California, but returned to live in his native Guadalajara due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was thanks to Nodal’s chef who told him about his work and the celebrities with whom he worked. that has collaborated, which motivated the interpreter of “Botella after Bottle” to get in touch.

Valdez was also in charge of tattooing Ramón Fernández a portrait of his grandfather Vicente Fernández on his arm, an image that has revealed the precision of the art that he captures on the skin.

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