Taylor Swift and Damon Albarn: this was their controversial meeting in networks

Damon Albarn criticized Taylor Swift for not composing her songs (Photo: Special)

Damon Albarnstar of groups like blur Y Gorillaz, gave an interview for a Californian newspaper. The talk went viral due to a foolish comment she made towards Taylor Swift crossing her out of not composing her own songs. The conversation quickly divided social networks and even caught the attention of the politician Gabriel Boric.

The English musician gave his opinion on the most famous artists of today. The vocalist of Feel Good Inc. Y Universal highlighted the work of billie eilish And his brother Finneashowever, when questioned about Swift, he commented that composing alone is not the same as doing it togetheras does the pop performer. “She doesn’t write her own songs”criticized Albarn.

Taylor Swift
This is how the interview with Damon Albarn was presented, according to the musician it was a “clickbait” (Photo: Twitter/@latimes)

“Co-writing is very different from writing. I’m not hating anyone, I’m just saying there’s a big difference between a composer and a composer who co-writes (…) I guess I’m a traditionalist in that sense. A really interesting songwriter is Billie Eilish and her brother. I’m more attracted to that than Taylor Swift”, he highlighted for the newspaper Los Angeles Times.

Being one of the biggest female artists today, and with a strong fan base, Damon’s words reached Taylor Swift in no time. “I was a big fan of yours until i saw this. I have written all my songs, your opinion is totally false and harmful”, tweeted the singer of all too well.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was furious with Albarn’s statements (Photo: Twitter/@taylorswift13)

Swift’s annoyance became visible when she added: “You don’t have to like my songs, but it’s pretty fucked up that you’re trying to discredit my writing”, ended his status and quoted the aforementioned interview. In an added tweet, the artist sarcastically commented that she was the one who wrote all her statuses on her Twitter.

The text For Damon Albarn, modern life is still pretty crapnamed in reference to the disk Modern Life is Ruby of Blur, transcended the barriers of music. The elected president of Chile, Gabrel Boric Font, did not take long to extend his position.

“Here in Chile you have a huge group of fans who know that you write your own songs from the heart. Don’t take seriously those who need insulting or lying to get attentionBoric wrote.

Taylor Swift
Boric, president-elect of Chile, sided with Taylor (Photo: Twitter/@gabrielboric)

The creator of Gorillaz had no choice but to offer a public apology by responding to Taylor Swift’s tweet. Although he accepted his mistake, Albarn also acknowledged that the newspaper decontextualized the interview to obtain more visits.

“I totally agree with you. I had a conversation about composition and sadly everything was reduced to a clickbait. I apologize unreservedly and unconditionally. The last thing I want to do is discredit your songwriting. I hope you understand,” Albarn wrote.

Taylor Swift
The apology offered by the British author (Photo: Twitter/@damonalbarn)

Outside of the controversy, both musicians released an album last year. For its part, Taylor Swift presented the reissue of Net, originally premiered in 2012. The pop performer will be re-releasing some of her albums as she lost merchandising rights to her own creations. The calls Taylor’s Version they are totally identical to their counterparts and add even more to the Pennsylvania native’s artistic career.

The celebrity managed to find a legal way in which he could re-record his songs having no copyright claims. Swift lost control of her trajectory as her former manager Scooter Braun bought your catalog for more than $300 millionleaving Taylor out of the profits from his music tracks.

In the other side, Damon Albarn took a break from his groups, especially Gorillaz, to release his second solo album. The nearer the fountain more pure the stream flows It was released in mid-November. With a style more inclined towards orchestral composition, the British author left a faithful record of his time in Iceland, a place that inspired said demo.


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