Taylor Swift stirs fan excitement with surprise guest Taylor Lautner at Kansas City Eras Tour concert

Surprise guest Lautner sends fans wild with emotional tribute and acrobatics at Swift's recent Eras Tour performance.

Without a doubt, Taylor Swift has been the most spoiled of all her fans. Her The Eras Tour has been marked by surprise after surprise, and in light of the release of her new studio re-recording, the singer gave her fans another significant moment during her last concert. A moment that went viral in every corner of the world and has made many theorize about the potential surprises that the artist could bring to her tour in Mexico and Latin America.

During her most recent presentation in Kansas City, Taylor Swift presented the official video for her new single “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version),” which stars actress Joey King and actor Taylor Lautner and is directed by Swift.

The song belongs to the re-recording of the album Speak Now, which was originally released in 2009. After the singer lost the rights to her studio albums, the re-recordings became the perfect way to get her albums back and, in the process, release some unreleased songs and new versions of others, which are now lengthier

The funny thing becomes the set of celebrities and themes surrounding Speak Now. When it was released, Taylor was romantically involved with Taylor Lautner. Their relationship ended a year later, so the previous album contains several songs dedicated to the actor, their time together, and their breakup.

Taylor Lautner takes the stage of the Eras Tour

After the presentation of the video, in the middle of the concert in Kansas, Taylor Swift invited two very special people on stage: the actors in her video. Both Joey King and Taylor Lautner took the stage of The Eras Tour to the madness of all the fans.

The moment is significant because Lautner is not only the star of the official video but also the singer’s ex-partner and the direct inspiration for many of the aforementioned Speak Now album songs. The fans took his visit as the closing of a perfect cycle, so they applauded him amidst screams of excitement.

The actor drove the fans crazy because of his presence and because he walked a few steps on the stage catwalk and unexpectedly did a pirouette in the air. His triumphal entrance was marked by tears from the fans and the singer’s moved face.

At the front, the famous Twilight actor took the microphone and expressed his gratitude for being there. He also turned to the singer and dedicated a few words to her:

“Thank you for so much energy. We had such a great time making this video. Taylor, thank you for inviting me and all of us. I want to say that I respect you so much. Not just for the singer you are, the author, the performer, but for the human being you are. You are grateful, humble, and kind, and I feel very honored to know you. So thank you for letting me be a part of this.”

Taylor Lautner is currently in a relationship with a girl named Taylor (hilariously). After the marriage, she acquired her husband’s last name, so they go by the same name.

After the concert, the couple met Taylor Swift, and the three took a picture that recreates one of the most famous Spider-Man memes. The meeting of the three Taylors was now immortalized to the delight of fans and for the viral coffers of social networks.


Taylor Swift will visit Mexico with her The Eras Tour. The Foro Sol will host the singer’s show on August 24, 25, 26, and 27. Ticket sales took place about a month ago, with sold-outs made just hours after the start of the sale.