Taylor Swift teases Kim Kardashian?

Everything seems to indicate that Taylor Swift is ready to return to the world of music and meet Kim Kardashian. The speculation began the day that Taylor Swift announced the release of her new album entitled “Midnights”. However, it turns out and happens that this record material will go on sale next October 21 of this year, and guess who celebrates her birthday that day! Well, nothing more and nothing less than Kim Kardashian!

But, On account of what do people say that the release of the album is intended to spoil Kim Kardashian’s birthday? Rumors point to this argument because of the history between the two celebrities. Especially because of what Kim did when she was still Kanye West’s wife.

Recall that it was this Kardashian who leaked the video in which Taylor allegedly approved that Kanye used his name in the song “Famous” -2016-, while she denied having agreed to such an action. All this created a wave of hatred against the young performer and the cancellation culture pounced on her. Kim and other celebrities branded Taylor Swift as “the snake” and left her fame and dignity in her sight to be trampled by public opinion.

Almost an entire year passed without the public knowing what had happened to Swift, until one fine day in 2017, a snake took over Taylor’s Instagram, thus announcing the arrival of her album “Reputation”.

The singer did not give press conferences or interviews to promote said studio album, no. Taylor Swift just released the album and let the songs speak for themselves. At least three tracks of this material were directed at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. “Look What You Made Me Do” was the first song that Taylor hit the famous couple with through her music video, which was considered a total work of art.

The video contains explicit visual messages for all Taylor Swift’s detractors, and that’s how the songwriter resumed her career and decided to shut everyone’s mouth.

As well as “Look What You Made Me Do” two more songs arrived with very clear messages against Kanye and Kim, these are: “They Say I Did Something Bad” and “This Is Why We Can Have Nice things”. It is worth mentioning that other celebrities who were subtly mentioned within the narrative of this album and were totally exposed are: Katy Perry, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, among others.

With “Reputation” Taylor Swift took over all the discourse that had been created against her and turned it into an album that mostly contains love songs, but whose visual image was based on the concept of villain and viper that they wanted to create about her. Swift practically told them that if they wanted a snake, she would be the biggest and best of them all.

For all of the above, many believe that “Midnights” will return to many of the dark emotions that this whole situation could have generated in the singer.since she herself describes this production with the following words: “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights spread throughout my life, is out on October 21.”

In the next video that we will share in this publication, we will give you a view of all the reasons why between Kanye, Kim and Taylor there is no chance of reconciliation in sight.

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