Taylor Swift turned down the offer to participate in the Super Bowl show

After it was announced that Pepsi would have ceased to be the main sponsor for the halftime show at the superbowlit would have been confirmed that Apple Music would take the baton and thereby open up a wide possibility for Taylor Swift be in the next edition.

And it is that the famous interpreter of ‘Shake It Off’ It has been one of the most requested for years, however on several occasions he would have rejected said offer, because he considers it is not his time yet.

While in the past talks were opened to have Britney Spears in the Halftime Show, now with this new change of sponsors anything can happen and the rumors start to skyrocket.

Will Taylor Swift be on the Half Time Show?

Will Taylor Swift be on the Half Time Show? Shakira and JLO at the Halftime Show LIV

In the last hours the rumor has gained strength that Taylor could be the one to liven up the show of the halftime, all this after considering her one of the most important pop artists of our generation.

However, depending on the site TMZthe interpreter had declined the offer because at the moment she wants to conclude with the re-recording of her albums and thus be able to have the right to expand her range of musical classics.

How will you know in 2019? Scooter braunmanager of various personalities from the world of entertainment, acquired the rights to Swift’s first singles, something that the singer confessed to feeling upset, “sad and disgusted”.

When the rights were sold by Braun, Swift promised to re-record them to recover his property, something that TMZ resumes by assuring that the star would be willing to take on the challenge of going on stage, however, “it is a matter of time.”

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Artists who could be in the Super Bowl show

Shakira and JLO at the Halftime Show LIV

After claims to see Swift at the event gradually dissipated, the site Variety released a list of artists with ample possibilities to be in said show.

  • Christina Aguilera and/or Britney Spears
  • Rihanna and/or Pink
  • Harry Styles and/or Dua Lipa
  • Olivia Rodrigo and/or Billie Eilish
  • Lizzo and/or Nicki Minaj
  • BTS and/or BLACKPINK
  • Bad Bunny and/or J Balvin

How will you remember for him? Super Bowl halftime of 2023 it had been said that Britney Spears She was the number 1 candidate and with it, having her long-awaited return to the music scene after having regained control of her career, however, nothing has been said yet.

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