TB12 diet, how is Tom Brady’s diet

TB12 diet, how is Tom Brady’s diet

Tom Brady, the NFL superstar follows a diet called TB12. It has a plant-based diet, that is, it eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, but that does not mean that it is vegan, it also includes some foods of animal origin.

Brady’s meals consist of approximately one 80 percent plant-based foods and 20 percent animal-based foods, healthy protein like fish and chicken.

Why does Tom Brady follow a plant-based diet?

According to the TB12 Sports site, the reason Tom follows a plant-based diet is because fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, fiber, and enzymes. “Athletes need nutrients to fuel their bodies, and fruits and vegetables provide those nutrients without many of the negative side effects of ultra-processed foods.”

What Tom Brady eats

First thing in the day (6 am) Tom Brady drinks 20 ounces of water with electrolytes from his line. Later drink a smoothie rich in calories, fat and protein. He regularly eats bananas, blueberries, nuts, and seeds.

During his workout two hours later, Brady drinks more water with electrolytes. After training, consume an almond milk shake with plant-based protein powder.

In his lunch he integrates his plate with lots of vegetables (including green vegetables), whole grains and healthy protein. Then your pre-dinner snacks are nuts and seeds, as well as 2 more protein shakes. Finally, in the dinner plate vegetables also predominate.

If there is one fruit that Brady does not eat, it is the strawberry., simply because you do not like the smell, not because it is a poorly nutritious or healthy fruit. Strawberries offer multiple benefits, especially for brain and heart health.

Some recommendations of the TB12 method

Staying hydrated from the first hour of the day and replenishing electrolytes.

In order for food to absorb and digest food more easily, it is suggested to stop eating when you feel 75 percent full.

Make up your plate with the 80/20 rule: 80 percent vegetable and 20 percent lean protein.

Opt for whole foods and limit highly processed foods.

Feed your body prior to training, such as with a high-calorie, protein, and fat-rich shake that you can supplement with nuts and seeds like chia seeds.

Tom Brady is the co-founder of the TB12 method. In which information is provided on daily nutrition focused on health and well-being; food and beverage guide to maximize performance. It also offers a line of edibles and supplements to include in the diet to both maximize performance and speed recovery.

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