Teacher decides to stop sending homework and it goes viral

A teacher She reflected on her work and had an idea that could revolutionize teaching, because this teacher decided to stop sending homework so that her students can spend more time with their family. The teacher revealed her idea through TikTok.

This controversial proposal quickly went viral on social networks as users pointed out that it is a good idea, since homework tends to take away time that students can invest in other things, including extracurricular activities.

As reported in AmericanPost.Newsteaching has become an activity that can go viral due to the occurrences of teachers, such as the recent case of the teacher who became a trend after showing that his dog ate his students’ homework.

Teacher explained her proposal

This proposal went viral They attacked a teacher for her body

Through her TikTok account, the teacher said that she was a teacher who used to leave a lot of homework for her students, in order to reinforce the learning obtained in the classroom. However, when she became a mom for the first time, she reflected on this matter.

That reflection made him realize that chores become a burden that the whole family carries and that prevents them from living together. “The house is for the family,” said the teacher, who has been supported by hundreds of social network users.

It is unknown what the position of the educational authorities of the USA Regarding this controversial proposal, although it is worth noting that there are educational models where learning processes are supported by other activities, not necessarily homework.

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They ask for teacher’s dismissal

They attacked a teacher for her body

Previously, parents attacked a preschool teacher in the United States, considering that she distracts students with “her voluptuous body”, for which they asked that she be fired.

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