Teasing over Ron DeSantis’s wife’s breast cancer diagnosis on Twitter sparked outrage

Teasing over Ron DeSantis’s wife’s breast cancer diagnosis on Twitter sparked outrage

The gestures of support were not lacking for the Casey situation, despite some mockery and criticism.

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After Governor Ron DeSantis reported that his wife, Casey DeSantis, had breast cancer, a handful of Twitter users were unsympathetic to the news. Some expressed criticism from a political point of view, while others proceeded to mock the first lady of Florida, which generated outrage among many users.

Nikki fried, Florida Agricultural Commissioner for the Democratic Party came out in defense of Casey for some negative messages that reflect the rejection of a sector of citizens towards Ron’s policies in the state.

“Our hearts go out to the first lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis and her family. We are all praying for you!”Fried said in one of the tweets, and posted another recalling that “If you choose to reply to this tweet, show some empathy. Casey is the mother of three children and deserves our support in this difficult battle. “.

Among the responses in support of the words of the Florida commissioner, some people took advantage of responding by leaving negative or critical messages towards the husband of Casey DeSantis.

“Oh well, do you think she will start to believe in science now?”, a user responded to Fried, in reference to the opposition to get the vaccine against COVID-19. Another, for his part, asked him how Casey shows empathy.

However, some people They resorted to mockery to express themselves to the complicated situation of the Republican’s wife, with insults and ironic comments in a mocking tone.

“This is his second attack of cancer. ANDHe first was to marry her husband “said one of the tweets, while another sarcastically wondered if he would use a remedy “Herbal” or “pesticide”.

However, another went further, and appealed to “karma” to insult Casey Desantis from an account apparently anonymous, since the user He did not show a profile picture and he had no followers.

Many people sympathized with Casey, but criticized the state policies applied by her husband Ron, especially regarding his opposition to biosafety regulations with the application of masks and his rejection of mandatory vaccines against COVID-19 , something that has earned him detractors in Florida.

On the other hand, many more people expressed their regret for what happened to Casey’s health and criticized the mockery for her health, encouraging her to move on and overcome the difficult moment, and recalled her role as a mother of three children, she reviewed Daily Mail.

“As a mother of three young children, Casey is the centerpiece of our family, impacting the lives of countless Floridians through her initiatives as First Lady. As you face the most difficult test of your life, you will not only have my unwavering support, but the support of our entire family, as well as the prayers and good wishes of Floridians across the state. “DeSantis said in the statement.

Casey DeSantis became known in the state for having been a reporter and television host in Jacksonville, which allowed him to earn a Emmy, apart from having had a career as an equestrian athlete in her university stage.

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