Teenagers were arrested in Durango for playing Ouija board in a pantheon

In Durangoa group of twelve minors between 14 and 17 years old They were arrested by the Municipal Police having played Ouija board in the Panteón Oriente of the state during last January 26.

After the arrest, a judge charged teens with public disturbance charges after the cemetery guards heard laughter and screams from nine men and three underage women around 10:30 p.m.

Those in charge of safeguarding the tombs of the Eastern Pantheon testified to the security elements that during the events there were 15 minors who were carrying out the terrifying game, however, when they became aware of the presence of the Municipal Police, the entire group ran, but most were arrested by the Durango police.

Durango teenagers were under the influence of drugs

The young people entered the cemetery illegally/Photo: MSN The authorities fear that there will be another theft of a body in the cemetery/Photo: Vive USA

For their part, the agents pointed out that the adolescents were under the influence of marijuana. Likewise, it was also reported that among his belongings a ouija board and eggs were secured.

However, hours after his arrest, the minors were released and handed over to their respective parents.

The reason for the arrest is due to the recent case of the corpse of a baby that was exhumed in a pantheon of the Iztapalapa mayor’s office in Mexico City and found in a prison in the state of Puebla shocked the entire country.

They fear that another case of corpse robbery will occur

The authorities fear that there will be another robbery of a body in the cemetery/Photo: Vive USA

As we report in AmericanPost.Newson January 10, the baby’s corpse entered the interior of the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) of San Miguel, in Puebla. The discovery happened in the area of ​​the talacheros, as the prisoners who help the custodians to empty the waste are known.

The youngest, a few days old, wore a hat and had blood. In addition, in his abdomen he had an appendix surgery, so It is suspected that it would have been used to introduce drugs. Therefore, the Durango authorities hope that the same will not happen in his pantheon.

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