Telegram also suffers problems globally

Telegram also suffers problems globally

We have been several hours without the WhatsApp application working, what has forced millions of users around the world to look for some other similar platform to be able to stay in touch with others and to be able to carry out some activities that are important on a day-to-day basis (especially when it comes to business).

One of those alternative options that has been being widely used today is Telegram, which already had some WhatsApp followers since its developers indicated that they would make some modifications in terms of use and privacy issues that many did not like and that ended up not being applied.

Telegram is an application developed in Russia and as expected, it spoke like this in the face of the fall of WhatsApp, its great competitor, with this message, somewhat mockingly, from its Twitter account.

Nevertheless, what Telegram did not imagine is that hours later, the app would also have problems, which was reported by users from different parts of the world, who experienced a certain slowness on the platform or had no service, as is the case with WhatsApp.

According to the Downdetector site, the failures or intermittences in Telegram began to register around 12:40 hours (central time) and among the most reported problems are: sending messages (36%), problems with servers (33%) and problems in general (30%).

Given the situation, also through Twitter, Telegram has come out to explain that the problems with the app are due to a saturation in the service.

“Trying to keep up with all the new users today is not easy, especially all at once. Sorry for the interruption ”, is the response that they have given to the different users who have exposed their complaint and annoyance in networks for not being able to use the app as it should.

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