Telemundo advances the premiere of ‘Amor Valiente’ and ‘Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe’ leaves primetime

Changes in Telemundo’s nightly programming have been confirmed by the Hispanic network and implies advancing the premiere of the Turkish telenovela “Amor Valiente“. Originally, the latter would premiere until May 31, after the end of “Passion of Gavilanes II“.

However, during the “La Casa de los Famosos” gala on Tuesday, May 19, it was announced that “Amor Valiente” premieres next Monday, May 23 at 9pm/8c. The arrival of the melodrama starring Tuba Büyüküstün on Telemundo’s schedule implies that “Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe” gets out of primetime.

Starting Monday, May 19, the romantic comedy starring Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Martinez will run at 1pm/12c. The public will be able to follow the fun story in the afternoons of Telemundo to keep track of everything that happens in the agency.

Now, the only unknown that remains is what will happen after “Pasión de Gavilanes II”. The grand finale was already scheduled for May 30 on Telemundo. The network has the option of extending the duration of “Amor Valiente” and putting on 2-hour episodes, depending on how it does in rating. Telemundo would also have the option of premiering another telenovela, “La Mujer de mi Vida”, probably a good option since it is an original production that they have been recording for months.

Until now, Telemundo has not commented on what it will program on May 31 at 10pm/9c.

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