Telemundo launches Tplus and starts the streaming war against Univision

Telemundo has been ahead of Univision in announcing its new endeavors in the streaming space by launching the brand Tplus within the existing digital platform peacock. This year Televisa and Univision are about to confirm a new global streaming platform with content in Spanish.

Tplus, a new content brand designed to serve the full spectrum of US Hispanics for years to come. The content of Tplus will launch in Peacock in fall 2022, with programming developed exclusively for 200%ERS® – audiences that are 100% American and 100% Latino – and will be available in the streamer’s premium slot.

The programming unveiled today and additional titles in development to be announced later this year include a wide range of Spanish and English-language entertainment, news and sports content that is highly appealing to all US Hispanic audiences.

With its release on Peacock, Tplus will be immediately available at scale to a wide range of audiences interested in Latino content, regardless of language. Tplus builds on Telemundo’s legacy of premium content and its decade-long success in providing original Latin titles to direct-to-consumer platforms.

“As the number one producer of Spanish-language fiction content in the United States, we are leveraging our deep production expertise and insights of our audience to launch Tplus, the first and only content brand at scale focused on serving Hispanics. from the US who feel 100% Latino and 100% American,” said Beau Ferrari, CEO of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises. “We are proud to partner with our colleagues at Peacock to introduce this innovative streaming offering and deliver culturally relevant entertainment, news and sports to reach the widest possible Hispanic audience across languages, genres and platforms.”

With a view to creating robust and inclusive programming, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises is partnering with Telemundo Streaming Studios, as well as leading creators and producers, including Red Arrow’s Kinetic Content and A3. In addition to the titles unveiled today, the company announced a development deal with Bianca Quesada’s ARCUS Studios, a production company dedicated to “expanding the openness of Latin)e)o)x storytelling.” Quesada is known for her work on Vida and was previously a writer for American Crime and Star. The multi-year deal establishes an exclusive first look for NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises’ Tplus brand of all fiction and alternative programming in both English and Spanish.

The Tplus titles unveiled today – with many more in the pipeline – will resonate with diverse audiences who live their lives across languages, countries and cultures, but who always want to see the best stories come to life on screen.”, said Romina Rosado, executive vice president and general manager of Hispanic Streaming of NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises. “Our unique connection to the wide range of Hispanic viewers in the United States, coupled with increased streaming consumption of more diverse and multilingual content, and Peacock’s scale, will quickly position Tplus as the destination of choice for the best Hispanic content in the United States. his class”.

The new offering, part of NBCUniversal’s commitment to building Hispanic and diverse audiences, will leverage Telemundo’s capabilities to further Peacock’s efforts to grow Latino subscribers to the streaming service. In addition to Tplus’ new premium content focused on 200%ERS®, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises and Peacock announced a significant expansion of Spanish-language titles on the service, including multiple seasons of some of the network’s biggest and most beloved franchises such as Café con Aroma de Mujer, Yo Soy Betty la Fea, Operación Pacífico, Intimate Enemy, which join hits such as Caso Cerrado, Celia, La Querida del Centauro, Al Otro Lado del Muro and Malverde.

The candid revelations of the award-winning global music icon J Balvin about his journey into mental health remain an important part of his legend. From Exile Content Studio and NBC News Studios, in “Healthy people“, the Colombian artist guides his journey by visiting the houses of his closest friends, allowing viewers an exclusive and intimate look at their worlds. A six-part documentary series, J Balvin walks through the backstories that shaped their lives, the challenges they’ve overcome, and how they continue to protect their happiness and find peace.

Mysteries & Scandals (working title): A new anthology docuseries from Telemundo developed in collaboration with Stephen Land’s A3 – the same team behind sweeping franchises like Snapped, American Murder Mystery and Fatal Attraction – that will conduct in-depth investigations into some of the most recent and impactful stories of Latin pop culture.

From Red Arrow’s Kinetic Content, the same team from Love is Blind, Married at First Sight and Wife Swap, comes Young at Heart (Provisional title). Is the grass on the other side greener? Deep in the heart of the legendary city of Los Angeles, three middle-aged LA-tino couples, all at a personal and emotional crossroads in their marriages, find that their life’s wish has been granted. What will they do with the chance to go back in time and trade in their current spouses for much younger partners for a month in real life? In this powerful social and psychological experiment sparked by the current trend of “generation gap” couples, audiences will find out if the original couples choose to stay together, for better or worse, or dare to embark on a new life alone or together. a new and sexy couple.

in the series pulsations, the best surgeon in Spain, Alex, undergoes a transplant on his own with surprising results. Able to see his donor’s memories, he decides to investigate the causes of his donor’s death, following the clues he sees in his new heart’s flashbacks. Throughout this extraordinary adventure, Alex meets the people, both dangerous and benevolent, who may have been responsible for his donor’s death, including a woman who helps him rewrite his life contract.

In Messi, the unique life and achievements of sports icon Lionel Messi find a surprising new context in this unforgettable documentary directed by acclaimed film director Álex de la Iglesia. A candid portrait crafted from a series of intimate interviews, in which Messi’s coaches, doctors, journalists, childhood friends and teammates reveal the essence of who he is, on and off the pitch. An honest and heartfelt experience that spans the hardships endured from childhood to the most significant moments of his movie life, Messi stands as the definitive film about one of the greatest world football gods of all time.

Following her monumental discovery of the elixir of youth, a scientist’s reunion with her high school sweetheart brings out her many dilemmas and problems from the past in the series. The formula. After a date with her old boyfriend, the scientist makes the fateful decision to try the formula on herself, and with each dose she manages to rejuvenate herself by 30 years. Inspired to live life alternating between her older and younger selves, she inadvertently becomes her own rival. Meanwhile, the scientist’s old boyfriend falls in love with both versions, unaware that this love triangle involves the same woman.

Campaign Promises offers a tortuous story of identity swapping and political intrigue. When the favorite candidate for the presidency, Gregorio Cuartas, suffers a medical emergency that prevents him from continuing to campaign, his team is forced to find a replacement. Enters the scene the humble taxi driver Leopoldo Chica – the perfect double of Cuartas – who, without looking for it, finds himself immersed in a strange world when he enters the campaign and the family life of Cuartas while he recovers. In her new role, Chica discovers the corruption of politics, and the difference a humble man can make to a country.

A medical series with a promise of hope, crossing limits wonders “what happens when something breaks in the mind of a teenager?”. Tosca Navarro is a psychiatrist and director of a unit at the forefront of treating adolescents with mental disorders. No one can see into fragile minds with as much clarity and ingenuity as she. But Tosca also keeps a secret: a difficult past as a teenager, with a personality disorder and a diagnosis of schizophrenia. In order to help her patients, Tosca must think creatively and quickly before they cross the threshold of so-called normalcy.

Women’s Weapons is a provocative new comedy-drama from the same creative team as Telemundo’s hit La Reina del Sur. Four women suffer their worst nightmare after the police arrest their husbands for being linked to the same criminal organization. Accustomed to a life of plenty, they must now join forces in the most unlikely way as they go from a carefree life of luxury to deploying all their wiles and weapons to survive. The series features an all-star cast that includes Kate del Castillo (The Queen of the South), Roselyn Sánchez (Devious Maids, Grand Hotel), Sylvia Sáenz (Betty in NY, 100 Days to Fall in Love) and Jeimy Osorio (The Luck of Loli, Betty in NY, Celia).

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