Telenovela Star Fernando Colunga Reportedly Expecting First Child at 57 With Bianca Soto

Telenovela icon Fernando Colunga awaits first child at 57 with partner Blanca Soto, pregnancy speculation spreads after TV claims.

Fernando Colunga, the storied Mexican telenovela actor known for his leading roles in beloved soaps like “María la del Barrio,” is reportedly set to welcome his first child at age 57 with longtime partner Blanca Soto.

Pregnancy speculation spreads after TV program makes claim

The pregnancy speculation started earlier this month when the TV entertainment program “Chisme No Like” alleged that Soto was five months pregnant. Host Javier Ceriani said he had investigated the rumor after traveling to Miami, where Soto resides.

“It is already confirmed, there is no longer any doubt, it can already be said, it is re-confirmed: Blanca Soto is 5 months pregnant with Fernando Colunga,” Ceriani claimed on the show Nov. 3.

Neither Colunga nor Soto have publicly confirmed the pregnancy. But Colunga said in a September interview with TV host Mara Patricia Castañeda that he was “in the process” of trying to become a father in the near future.

Colunga is known as a private person despite immense fame

Colunga, 57, has been one of Mexico’s most popular telenovela stars since the 1990s, starring in classics like “María la del Barrio,” “Esmeralda” and “La Usurpadora.”

His dashing good looks and charismatic acting style have made him a leading man across decades in the genre. Yet despite his immense fame across Latin America, Colunga has remained an exceptionally private person who reveals little about his personal life and relationships.

“I had a very good relationship, I was doing very well, the day it became public, it became a disaster,” Colunga told Castañeda about a past romance, without providing specifics. “I learned that way, but also I realized that in that whole process, neither gave me more for the career, I realized that it was not the path that I wanted to take.”

Colunga’s disciplined separation of his public image and personal affairs has only heightened interest across Latin American entertainment media, which have often tried to uncover his relationship status and partner identities.

Fans of Blanca Soto speculate about her pregnancy (Ig @blanksoto).
Fans of Blanca Soto speculate about her pregnancy (Ig @blanksoto).

Soto is also a major telenovela figure

While Colunga himself has never discussed Soto, she would make sense as a partner for the actor. Soto, 47, is an experienced telenovela actress in her own right, having starred in many major Mexican soaps like “La Fea Más Bella” (“The Prettiest Ugly Girl”), “Por Ella Soy Eva” (“For Her, I’m Eva”) and “Un Refugio Para el Amor” (“A Shelter For Love”).

The two actors starred in the 2012 telenovela “Porque el Amor Manda.” At the time, a photograph purportedly showed Colunga and Soto kissing goodbye at an airport, sparking rumors of a romance.

Soto was married to American businessman Jack Hartnett from 2008 to 2011. She does not currently have any children.

Neither Soto nor her associates have commented on the currently speculated pregnancy. Her most recent Instagram post is a photo from January of this year, where she promoted the second season of the bio-series “Selena: La Serie” on Netflix.

Longstanding desire to be a father

While declining to discuss any specific relationships, Colunga has previously stated he envisioned children for himself long ago, yet “life played it differently.”

“I saw myself having children a long time ago. What happens is that life plays it differently at the moment,” Colunga told “Noche De Luz” TV host Paola Rojas Hinojosa in 2020. “That’s life, I can’t live claiming to live what hasn’t happened.”

Now nearing 60, Colunga appears to be embarking on fatherhood later than initially planned. Yet if Soto’s reported pregnancy comes to term next April as speculated, that would align with Colunga’s September interview where he said the next step was “in the process.”

Other celebs who became parents later in life

If Colunga does enter fatherhood at nearly 60 years old, that would put him in company with other high-profile celebrities who became first-time parents at mature ages.

Fellow Mexican entertainment star Salma Hayek gave birth at 41 with husband François-Henri Pinault. In 2017, the couple announced daughter Valentina Paloma’s birth.

Salma and her daughter Valentina Paloma, who has become an internet celebrity in recent years,
Salma and her daughter Valentina Paloma, who has become an internet celebrity in recent years,

Longtime telenovela spouses Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán had twins Daniel and Manuel in 2014 when Capetillo was 45 and Gayán 42. The children joined three older teenage siblings in the family.

Comedian Adal Ramones also became a father again at 59 years old when his wife Karla de la Mora gave birth to son Cayetano in May 2022, joining older brother Cristóbal, born in 2019 when Ramones was 57. Ramones had two older children from his prior marriage.

While later than initially envisioned, Fernando Colunga potentially having his first child with Blanca Soto at 57 would put the actor in good company with other celebrities who achieved parenthood at mature ages. It could soon lead to a new off-screen role for the storied yet private star.


The news of Colunga preparing to welcome his first baby with Soto at nearly 60 years old was a surprise given the telenovela icon’s intensely private persona off-screen. Yet the pregnancy speculation aligns with Colunga’s recently stated intentions to keep progressing to the next stage of life.

If the reports prove true and Colunga imminently joins the ranks of older celebrity first-time parents, it would represent a major milestone for the beloved actor. It would also likely introduce a new side and roles for Colunga as he segues into this later phase of life amid an enduring, luminous career onscreen.