Televisa has vetoed María León and Paty Cantú for this reason

Televisa allegedly has vetoed to the singers Mary Leon Y Paty Cantu, after it was announced that both Mexican stars will be part of the project of TV Azteca, “The Voice Kids”, since the two will be coaches of the singing contest program.

According to the journalist and host of Ventaneando, Ricardo Cazares, some of his fellow reporters from the San Ángel television station told him that as soon as the contest coaches were announced, the order was given that they would no longer be spoken of.

As we report in AmericanPost.NewsJust in 2020, both María León and Paty were part of the Televisa reality show “Who is the Mask” where the two won first and second place on the show, respectively.

Azteca drivers consider Televisa’s veto exaggerated

León and Cantú cannot be named in the programs of the Canal de Las Estrellas/Photo: La Verdad They will be the coaches of the new Azteca reality show/Photo: Milenio

After Cazares announced the news, the driver Paty Chapoy and the rest of her companions criticized the alleged actions taken by the competing television station, because they assured that they believed that they were no longer in time to do that.

Since they mentioned that in As soon as the edition of La Voz Kids is finished, everything would return to normal and they will talk about Paty Cantú and María León on Televisa. Since the two are among the most popular artists of the moment.

They will be the coaches of La Voz Kids

They will be the coaches of the new Azteca reality show/Photo: Milenio

Let us remember that this week, Azteca UNO announced who will be the coaches of the infants in La Voz Kids, which will be made up of: Mau and Ricky Montaner, Joss Favela, Paty Cantú and María León.

Until now, TV Azteca has not revealed the premiere date of this musical reality show; but its launch may be a few weeks away. However, Televisa may also be preparing a similar program to give competition to the other television station.

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