Televisa unveils first teaser of Gloria Trevi’s bioseries “Ella Soy Yo” revealing untold events of her life

Televisa has shared the first teaser of 'Ellas soy Yo', the name of the Gloria Trevi bioseries that will premiere in August.

The Internet is abuzz after Televisa shared the first teaser of ‘Ellas soy yo: Gloria Trevi’, the name of Gloria Trevi’s bioseries, which will talk about untold events throughout her life and work, including her controversial participation in the Clan Trevi Andrade that led her to jail.

It was through social networks that the project produced by Carla Estrada shared a video of just 20 seconds that gives a small glimpse of the performance of Regina Villaverde and Scarlet Gruber, who gives life to the youth and adult version of the interpreter of hits such as ‘El Recuento de los Daños,’ ‘Zapatos Viejos’ and ‘Dr. Psiquiatra’.

“For years, the world told a story, but only she can tell the reality… She was not silent. You do not stay without seeing her,” is the message that can be read throughout the first preview. Recall that a few weeks ago, some leaked scenes showed the violent situation she lived in within the clan.

What we know about ‘Ellas soy yo: Gloria Trevi.’

Cast 'Ellas soy yo' // Televisa
Due to legal issues, the project had to make some changes in the names of those involved.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which American Post News brings to you, Gloria Trevi’s bioseries will be made up of 50 episodes, in which the singer’s private and professional life will be addressed, as well as the controversy she starred in with Sergio Andrade and Mary Boquitas in the famous Trevi-Andrade Clan.

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Regarding the cast, it is known that Luka Montellano, Valentina Delgado, and Lu Rosette have been chosen to play them in their different stages of childhood. At the same time, Regina Villaverde and Scarlet Gruber will give life during their youth and adulthood. Jorge Losa will play Sergio Andrade, who, for legal reasons, will be called César Augusto.

When and where will Gloria Trevi’s series premiere?

Ellas soy yo: Gloria Trevi // Instagram
It will be the first time Gloria Trevi talks in detail about the Trevi-Andrade clan.

Ellas soy yo: Gloria Trevi’ will arrive on ViX+ on August 11. After the exclusive and early premiere, the Gloria Trevi bioseries will air Monday through Friday at 9:30 pm on Las Estrellas starting September 4.

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