TelevisaUnivision launches ‘Romeo and Juliet’ podcast revisiting Shakespeare’s classic

Jose Pablo Minor and Ana Valeria Becerril are ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Photo: TelevisaUnivision / Courtesy

Radio soap operas were the forerunners of what soap operas are today. With radio soap operas, the public could dream and let their imagination run wild. Now TelevisaUnivision takes up this concept but under the “podcast” format, recreating a classic of literature: “Romeo and Juliet” from William Shakespeare.

This podcast will star Joseph Paul Minor Y Ana Valeria Becerril and in which they also participate Monica Dionne, Pierre-Louis Y Mauricio Garcia Lozano.

The podcast is a growing format in the world and currently has more than 500 million consumers. By 2024, Mexico will be the second largest podcasting market in Latin America with approximately 42.8 million monthly listeners, according to Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast platform.

“We see a growing trend in the production of podcasts, the consumption of which accelerated during times of pandemic. Experimenting in this format opens one more door for us to do what we do best: tell stories that entertain the wide variety of audiences that today consume content through our digital platforms,” said Jorge Taboada, director of Televisa Digital.

Jose Pablo Minor and Ana Valeria Becerril are 'Romeo and Juliet'.
Jose Pablo Minor and Ana Valeria Becerril are ‘Romeo and Juliet’. / Photo: Televisa Univision

The audio adaptation of the classic love story seeks to remind us of the time when the family would get together to listen to a radio soap opera.

“In Mexico, the podcast is becoming one of the preferred formats for new generations, but also for those who experienced the heyday of radio. Within the top of the most listened to podcasts, entertainment always stands out, an area in which we specialize,” says Héctor Elí, director of the podcast area of ​​Televisa Digital, about the role of Televisa in the development of the podcast in Mexico, which is will become the second largest podcast market worldwide in the coming years.

Directed by Óscar Uriel and Angélica Rogel, this new Televisa Digital production consists of eight episodes. “We have given ourselves the task that the new generations can have contact with what we consider one of the most representative works of William Shakespeare in a series of playful podcasts that maintain the spirit of the original work”, comments Uriel.

“Romeo and Juliet”, the podcast, will premiere on February 10 and will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Acast and Google Podcast audio platforms.

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