TelevisaUnivision: The union of what promises to be ‘the monster’ of content becomes effective

After a year of announcing what would happen, with various changes, hirings and firings in between, the union of what promises to be ‘the monster’ of content becomes effective: TelevisaUnivision.

Yes, It is not only the creation of the new company made up of the two biggest media powers, Univision and Televisa, but that is already officially called… How was it decided who went first and who came after in the name? Who sends whom? Does ‘Univision’ disappear as a chain? Are Televisa and the Stars channel over? Will no more productions be made in the United States? Who are the faces and names of those who will now have in their hands the content of what you will see on most platforms? Then we answer everything.


It is the new company that merges the assets of Televisa and Univision, creating the leading Spanish media and content company in the world. It brings together content and intellectual property with the media platforms that promise to be the most complete in the two largest Spanish-speaking markets in the world..

Televisa’s four open television channels, 27 pay TV channels, the Videocine movie studio, Blim TV and the Televisa brand, are combined with Univision’s assets in the United States, which include the Univision and UniMás channels, nine Spanish-language cable channels, 59 television stations and 57 radio stations in the main Hispanic markets in the United States, and its PrendeTV streaming service.

So from today TelevisaUnivision owns the largest library of content and intellectual property in Spanish in the world, and the most important factory of content in Spanish in the entertainment industry. They reach more than 60% of television audiences in both the United States and Mexico. Through television, digital platforms, streaming and audio. In other words, according to the numbers shared by this new company, we would talk about more than 100 million Spanish speakers every day, occupying leadership positions in both markets.

León Krauze will co-anchor Univision’s nightly news alongside Patricia Janiot. Photo: Univision


It will produce and deliver premium content for its own platforms and for others, while providing innovative solutions for advertisers and distributors globally.

“The closing of our transaction marks a historic moment for our company and our industry… We are combining two iconic and market-leading companies that have a great shared history and an incredible portfolio of assets.. This combination will create a business unlike any other on the global media scene. Over the past year, both companies have transformed, reaching levels of financial and audience performance not seen in years…. The new trajectory of our company is supported by our new group of partners, who are well positioned to amplify the effortss of one of the best teams of world-class leaders”, he explained in a statement Wade Davis, CEO of Televisa Univision.

It will launch its unified global streaming platform in 2022 that was previously announced, which will include a version with free subscription and another premium. The service will have the largest offer of original content in Spanish in the United States and Latin America, which It will include dramas, comedies, docuseries, game shows, reality shows, variety shows, movies, music and cultural events, children’s and educational programs, sports and special events, as well as news.

Leveraging Televisa’s extensive content library, along with new original Spanish-language content in development and a wide variety of collaborations with some of today’s most recognizable creators, this offering will be the first large-scale global streaming service developed specifically for the Spanish-speaking audience.

They had already announced the alliances with Eugenio Derbez, Selena Gomez, Maria Dueñas, Mario Vargas Llosa and Santiago Limón.

The transformation of TelevisaUnivision also included the development of a large amount of original content for the upcoming launch of the global streaming platform, the investment in new advertising products in both markets, the renewal of the programming strategy and the execution of new distribution alliances, as well as the launch of PrendeTV in the United States, which has served as a powerful pilot program for the upcoming streaming release.

The statement sent by the new company ensures that the result of these strategic efforts has meant that both companies have experienced growth in advertising revenues above those of the market.

Univision advertising revenue for the first nine months of 2021 increased 32.6%, significantly exceeding 2019 levels, while advertising revenue from Televisa during the same period increased 24% year-on-year.


Alfonso de Angoitia Executive Chairman of the Board and Wade Davis CEO of TelevisaUnivision
Alfonso de Angoitia Executive Chairman of the Board and Wade Davis CEO of TelevisaUnivision. Photo: Televisa Univision

The two companies have strategically recruited a senior management team of world-class leaders for the global operation, combining great professionals from Televisa and Univision, in addition to incorporating top-level talent from leading media and technology companies. That is to say, recruited key people from Netflix, Disney PLUS and Amazon.

Wade Davis, who was at the forefront of the purchase of Univision and is the current president of the network, will lead TelevisaUnivision as CEO. Alfonso de Angoitia will serve as Executive Chairman of the Board of TelevisaUnivision and Marcelo Claure will become Vice Chairman of the Board.

The TelevisaUnivision Board will also be made up of Emilio Azcárraga, Bernardo Gómez, Michel Combes, Gisel Ruiz, Oscar Muñoz, María Cristina ‘MC’ González Noguera (former director of White House communications under President Barack Obama), Eric Zinterhofer and Jeff Sin. In addition, Televisa reserves the right to appoint two additional directors.

Content production and operations in Mexico will be headed by Bernardo Gómez and Alfonso de Angoitia, Executive Co-Presidents of TelevisaUnivision México, who also continue to be Executive Co-Presidents of Grupo Televisa.

Grupo Televisa’s news operations in Mexico will become part of a new independent company dedicated to producing news for TelevisaUnivision’s channels in Mexico, and will be led by Emilio Azcárraga, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Televisa.

The Company’s new investors include SoftBank Latin America Fund, Google and The Raine Group.


All content becomes under the corporate brand TelevisaUnivision, including shows you watch every day, or reality shows. So this led us to ask the executives the following.


The response was forceful from the executives of TelevisaUnivision: “NO”…. Although they will all be under the new company as a result of the merger, and everything that is produced and seen will go through it, each brand will retain its name and logos, then you can see the graph of how it will work.

This is how TelevisaUnivision will work
This is how TelevisaUnivision will work. Photo: Televisa Univision


We also asked this question to the executives of TelevisaUnivision, taking into account that the divisions they emphasized are those of Mexico. The answer was the following: “Content production will continue in both countries, all under the corporate brand TelevisaUnivision“.

That is Univision, despite what has been rumored, would continue to produce its shows in the United States, of course, under the supervision of the new merger.

Therefore, for everything we are telling you, and if it is respected as they are promising and assuring us, yes we are facing the biggest ‘monster’ of Spanish-speaking content in the worldor.


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