Tell everything after the beating

  • Remmy Valenzuela reappears
  • He claims that things got out of control
  • Followers do not believe him and affirm that he should be in jail

“Things got out of control”: Regional music singer Remmy Valenzuela reappears to tell the whole truth after the beating that he gave to his cousin and his girlfriend, stating that “things had gotten out of control”, without However, followers go against him and are criticized.

It was last June 8 when it was said that the singer of grupera music, Remmy Valenzuela was involved in a scandal after his cousin filed a lawsuit against him, allegedly for beating him and his girlfriend, while he was as a watchman at the singer’s ranch.

Remmy Valenzuela accused of beating

Remmy Valenzuela accused of beating
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The events took place on Sunday night at ‘El Campito’, a ranch owned by Remmy Valenzuela, where the singer arrived for no reason to physically attack his 21-year-old cousin, who is his employee acting as a watchman and gardener; he was with his girlfriend without imagining what would happen.

The report of the beating was given to 911 around 9 pm on Sunday, June 6 at the ranch owned by Remmy Valenzuela, by the mother of the singer’s cousin who reported the physical condition of his son and girlfriend, who allegedly hit electricity cables causing serious injuries to his back, for which they were transferred to hospitals to treat them and where prosecutors took their statements.

The “disappearance” of Remmy Valenzuela

The "disappearance" of Remmy Valenzuela
PHOTO: Instagram

After this scandal, it was widely argued that the singer Remmy Valenzuela disappeared, since at that time, the whereabouts of the composer were not known, before this, and according to the Instagram account of @ chamonic3, Remmy would be in Guatemala or in the house of the also singer Julio Preciado:

“What I do know is that if he is innocent he should not be hiding, he must go out and face what happened”, you can read at the bottom of the publication, to which other people responded: “Ay Remigio, already face, of all ways you were out of the people’s taste ”,“ A note came out that he was arrested in Guatemala ”,“ Well, if he is hiding, it means that if he is guilty, and then if he is, goodbye career ”.

Remmy Valenzuela reappears and gives his statements

Remmy Valenzuela reappears and gives his statements
VIDEO: Instagram

However, it seems that the singer reappears and through the cameras of the program Wake up America, Remmy Valenzuela would show his face, and affirm that things had gotten out of control and that “everyone made mistakes”, causing the indignation of many of his followers.

This video was rescued by the Instagram account of @ chicapicosa2, who at the bottom of the video wrote: “EXCLUSIVE @remmyvalenzuela reappears and only in @despiertamerica will you hear his own version of events after the scandal of family violence in which he was involved . @despiertamerica ”.

He claims that things got out of control; Remmy Valenzuela reappears after beating

He claims that things got out of control;  Remmy Valenzuela reappears after beating
VIDEO: Instagram

In the short clip, which is just a preview of his statements, it is seen how the singer Remmy Valenzuela reappears after being away from the public eye after his scandal for beating his cousin and his girlfriend, stating that he had a lot of evidence and that he had “many things to say.”

“There are many problems, all families have problems,” Remmy Valenzuela began with his statements, “It’s just that this time everything got out of control, I have many tests and many things to say, it is the first time that it got out of control. something familiar ”, the latter was what caused the most echo among Internet users, since they affirmed that then it was not the first time that happened.

“We all make mistakes”; Remmy Valenzuela reappears after beating

"We all make mistakes";  Remmy Valenzuela reappears after beating
VIDEO: Instagram

His statements would not end there, since after reappearing after the beating of his cousin and his girlfriend, the singer Remmy Valenzuela affirmed that it was his private life and that “everyone could make mistakes at some point in their life: “We all have mistakes, we all have a life, and well, my private life is my private life,” he concluded.

Given these statements, the followers of the @ chicapicosa2 portal did not take it well, since after these words the singer went against everything, stating that he should be in jail, and that without a doubt his artistic career was gone down after this unfortunate situation.

They cast him on criticism; Remmy Valenzuela reappears after beating

They cast him on criticism;  Remmy Valenzuela reappears after beating
PHOTO: Instagram

Among the comments, the following could be read, where a follower argued that then it was not the first time that Remmy Valenzuela did this kind of thing: it got out of control. ‘How is it possible that the Mexican authorities with these tests leave him unpunished? How long will my country change?

“This man must be in jail, this was not a family problem, it was going overboard …” in the light? ”,“ I wish people who liked their music would turn their backs on their concerts, they feel like they own the world, they are so pedantic, the public does them ”. VIDEO HERE

His statements were not well regarded by the public

PHOTO: Instagram

More and more comments kept coming, and after reappearing, Remmy Valenzuela affirmed that this had happened because “things had gotten out of control”: “How can you continue to support him after seeing the photos of how the girl left , I liked him as a singer, but after seeing the beating and how the girl was marked, I cancel it ”.

“Banned, that’s what they should do with that kind of artist”, “I don’t even know his songs, but people who go to his concerts should ban him. He came close to killing the girl. It happened ”,“ Errors, and what if personal life, accept your mistakes and take responsibility ”,“ To jail for abusive ”, was one of the many comments that could be read in the statements of Remmy Valenuzela.

Remmy Valenzela’s last message before her disappearance

PHOTO: Instagram

How will this story end? After it was reported that Remmy Valenzuela had allegedly attacked his cousin and his girlfriend, the content of his last message before his disappearance is released and that it was taken back from his social networks.

The Instagram account of the Telemundo program Suelta la sopa shared this image that to date is about to reach 4 thousand likes and that caused reactions of all kinds. The singer faces a complaint for violence.

Points to family members

PHOTO: Instagram

It was on June 6 that Remmy Valenzuela made his last publication on Instagram, but in his stories he wrote the following message that gives a lot to talk about ”:“ Sometimes your own family breaks your heart, lowers your self-esteem and makes you sad life ”.

Users of this account reacted immediately to this publication: “If Remmy is found guilty, the maximum penalty !!!”, “And sometimes the same family almost beat you to death … now they play the victim”, that they envy him ”,“ He does not have the role of victim ”,“ A man does not hit a woman, how little ”.

“I should be in jail by now”

PHOTO: Instagram

It seems that no one believed in these words of the singer Remmy Valenzuela, who is also known as The king of the accordion, since the criticism for his action continued to accumulate: “I should be in jail now”, “That he eat shit … better and to face the consequences of their own actions ”.

“Ah well, then the beaten ones now go out to him”, “Just as he was very macho to hit, that he has the sizes to show his face”, “They break your heart and you break their faces to mad … how little” , “Each one receives what they give, that simple”, “Show your face, little man”, “Clown”, “Ridiculous”, can be read in more comments of the publication of the portal Tell me what you know.

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